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Items of interest and a must have from the Ship's Store

New White polo shirts are in - check the Ship's Store

White Polo Shirts
DLG-10 and DDG-41 now availible!

Our Ship's Store is the only authorized store by the USS King (DLG-10/DDG-41) Association

Terry Winters

The Ship's Store operator advises that he can take Visa, Mastercard and Discover Card for Ship's Store purchases.

Membership News

Our Association Membership Pin is presented to each member-in-good-standing for 2009 and beyond. Attached to each pin is a "campaign bar" to recognize consecutive years of service to the USS King (DLG-10 / DDG-41) Association.

JOIN OR RENEW NOW for your Association Membership Appreciation Lapel Pin!
Naval Aviator
Surface Warfare - Officer
surface Warfare - Enlisted

Notice to All Kingsmen

We need your help to keep this site up. All costs are paid by us former KING Vets. Get on board, send your contribution to:

USS King Association
c/o Dave Bilby, Treasurer
15 - 82nd Drive, Suite 221,
Gladstone OR

Association News and Notices

Attention crewmembers:

Reunion 2019

Niagara, New York

Click here for Reunion Registration

Click here for Information about the Niagara Falls Tour


The Discussion Forum is open again for new registrants. If you have forgotten your password or username, please contact the webmaster

This Members Only hatch is a portal to the King Database and Buccaneer Newsletter.Search Shipmates List - Members Only

Membership entitles you to search and view the below information, unless the shipmate has opted not to reveal specific information.

Last Name | First Name | Aboard | Depart | Rank | Division | City State | Email | Address | Phone | Home | Member Since | Comments

Search for Shipmates in our database

This is limited in searching, but is open to all.

Last Name | First Name | Nickname | Aboard
| Depart | Rank | Division

Membership also entitles you to:

  • Eligible to vote on Association business matters

  • Eligible to hold Office or serve on the Board of Directors

  • Attend business meetings during reunions

  • Serve on committees

  • Receive future copies of the USS King Newsletter "Buccaneer"

Most importantly, it provides you the opportunity to voice in deciding what directions the Association will take in the future and what projects the Association will support.

Click here for Membership Application or Click here for Membership Renewal and support this organization and what we are trying to achieve. Find out what your buddies have been doing all these years.

Make sure you aren't forgotten.

If you have any information about the ship, it's crew, or
any other piece of her history, let us know. Or email: Historian
Feel free to sign the guest-book, or post a note on the message board. We appreciate your taking the time to visit, and we look forward to having you come back time and again.

Note: If you haven't visited the Discusssion Forums, you've missed a major part of this website. The forum is the place to interact with your fellow shipmates

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