Command History for 1968


New Years Day found KING on duty at NORTH SAR Station, off the coast of Vietnam, as CTE with Commander Destroyer Squadron THREE embarked as CTU 77.0.1. On 14 January KING was relieved by USS REEVES (DLG-24) at NORTH SAR Station and proceeded to Subic Bay, Philippine Islands for a period of upkeep and repair. While at Subic Bay KING completed 2 days of competitive gunfire exercises. On 27 January KING was again underway from Subic Bay for the Tonkin Gulf to take over duties at NORTH SAR Station. On 28 January KING arrived at NORTH SAR and relieved USS REEVES (DLG-24).

From 28 January to 14 February KING remained at NORTH SAR Station. On 14 February KING assumed duties at SOUTH SAR Station, being relieved on 17 February by USS JOUETT (DLG-29). KING then proceeded to Subic Bay, Philippine Islands. On 19 February KING arrived at Subic Bay for a brief period of upkeep and repair before departing on 22 February for Darwin, Australia. On 26 February KING arrived at Darwin to fuel, departing that same day for Brisbane. She arrived at Brisbane on 2 March for a five day port visit.

7 March found KING again underway, enroute San Diego via Pago, Pago, American Samoas and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. On 11 March KING arrived at Pago, Pago, to replenish, and was underway on 12 March for Pearl Harbor. She replenished at Pearl Harbor on 17 March and was underway for San Diego on 18 March. While enroute Brisbane to San Diego, KING conducted many operational drills.

On 23 March KING arrived at San Diego, remaining in her home port until 22 April. This inport time was spent in leave and upkeep in view of the just completed deployment. Following this inport period, KING spent several days at sea conducting general at sea training drills. From 8 May until 18 June KING remained inport San Diego for upkeep and training. On 15 June 29 Midshipmen reported onboard for 2 months of training duty. This marked the commencement of the 1968 Pacific Midshipmen Training Cruise. KING returned to sea on 18 June and conducted various midshipmen training exercises off the coast of Southern California. The weekend of 21 June was spent in San Diego. KING departed San Diego on 24 June for San Francisco as a unit of the Midshipmen Training Task Group commanded by Rear Admiral RUDDEN, Commander Cruiser-Destroyer Flotilla THREE. The Task Group's primary objective was to train Midshipmen. Upon arrival at San Francisco on 27 June, KING moored at Alameda Naval Air Station. On 30 June KING shifted to an anchorage in Monterey, California and remained there until 5 July. The ship held several onboard tours and hosted a large buffet luncheon for civilians in the Monterey area during this visit.

KING departed for San Diego on 5 July, conducting midshipmen training exercises enroute. She arrived in San Diego on 9 July and remained inport until 12 July. KING then joined the Midshipmen Training Task Group for a cruise to Hawaii, returning to San Diego on 1 August.

KING remained inport San Diego until 19 August, with the Midshipmen departing on 2 August. The highlight of this inport period was KING's Change of Command ceremony. At 1030 on 3 August Commander J. D. SCULL relieved Commander W. L. READ as Commanding Officer.

Between 19 and 27 August KING spent several days at sea off the coast of Southern California conducting general training exercises.

On 27 August KING was underway for Seal Beach, California for an ammunition loadout. She arrived at Seal Beach on 28 August, returning to San Diego the following day.

During the month of September KING remained inport San Diego making preparations for annual inspections and Fleet Exercise BEAT CADENCE.

On 1 October KING went to sea for an 8 day period to participate in Fleet Exercise BEAT CADENCE. During this exercise KING conducted various Anti-Air Warfare exercises, fired four successful TERRIER missiles on the Pacific Missile Range, completed several of her competitive gunnery exercises, and played the role of a PIRAZ unit. KING gained much valuable training for her crew in this simulated combat environment.

On 8 October KING returned to San Diego and commenced preparations for her annual Administrative Inspection, which was conducted by Commander Destroyer Squadron FIFTEEN and his staff. The Administration Inspection was given during the period 16 - 17 October. KING was awarded an overall grade of high excellent for this inspection.

KING remained inport until 21 October when she got underway to conduct competitive gunnery exercises. She returned to San Diego on 25 October and remained inport until 28 October. On 28 October KING was again underway off the coast of Southern California, remaining at sea until 1 November to conduct competitive gunnery exercises and numerous other training drills.

On 1 November KING returned to San Diego, remaining inport until 12 November. During this period KING acted as host ship to HMS EURAYLUS, a British Frigate which visited San Diego from 8 to 11 November.

On 12 November KING got underway to participate in COMPTUEX 22-68 off the coast of Southern California, with Commander Destroyer Squadron FIFTEEN embarked as Officer in Tactical Command. During this COMPTUEX KING participated in several anti-submarine warfare exercises. KING also conducted several practice battle problems in preparation for her upcoming Operational Readiness Inspection.

KING returned to San Diego on 15 November, and was again underway on 18 November to participate in COMPTUEX 25-68. During this COMPTUEX, as in the previous COMPTUEX, KING conducted extensive anti-submarine warfare exercises. Commander Destroyer Squadron FIFTEEN was again embarked as Officer in Tactical Command.

On 22 November Commander Destroyer Squadron FIFTEEN and his staff gave KING her Operational Readiness Inspection. KING received an overall grade of 93 percent, demonstrating a very high state of combat readiness throughout the inspection.

Upon completion of her Operational Readiness Inspection KING returned to San Diego. 23 November found KING visited by six congressmen who toured the ship and visited with members of the crew who were from their respective states. The tour was highlighted by a missile demonstration and by a demonstration of KING's computerized command and control capabilities.

KING was inport from 22 November to 31 December. She completed a 3 week tender availability during this period and her crew was given a much deserved leave period during the Christmas and New Years holidays.

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PIRAZ – An Unclassified Summary of PIRAZ (1968) 1)

Captain G. E. Lockee, Former USS Wainwright (DLG-28) Commanding Officer