Command History for 1965

The year 1965 has been a very eventful one in the life of KING. Most significant is our seven month deployment in which many KING records were established. KING steamed approximately 56,400 miles and checked in well over 10,000 aircraft during our tours in the South China Sea as silent watchman. Some faces beamed as Captain TESH presented handclasp dolls and toys to the orphans at the Convent of the Good Shepherd in Quezon City, Republic of the Philippines. Many other significant items occurred, such as a selection of Destroyerman of the Month, the NEY inspection, the Hootenanny on station in the South China Sea.

January was marked with two significant events - a Dependents Cruise on the 22nd and the change of command ceremony on 30 January, CDR CHARLES P. TESH, USN relieved CDR E. L. COCHRANE, Jr., USN.

The Cruiser-Destroyer Pacific news honored John Vines, BTl as the Sailor of the Month.

February was a busy month with six weeks of underway training commencing 8 February and in addition to this on 6 February KING performed the duties as Host Assistance Ship for the USS COONTZ (DLG-9)1), who returned from WESTPAC.

As DESRON 15's nominee KING received her NEY Award Inspection on 10 February.

During March KING made extensive preparations for her future deployment to WESTPAC (scheduled 20 April). On 24 March Rear Admiral WILLIAMSON, COMTRAPAC witnessed KING’s missile shoot at the Pacific Missile Range. After her pre¬deployment inspection in late March KING deployed for WESTPAC on 5 April, with the USS ORISKANY (CVA-34)2).

While operating off Hawaii, during the USS ORISKANY’s ORI, KING fired a torpedo an assisted with NTDS.

May was a month of steaming, and for 30 days of operations in the South China Sea. KING accomplished many underway replenishments with various types of service vessels including AO's, AF 's, AK' s and an AE.

During a June upkeep period in Subic Bay, Philippines a variety of Handclasp material was personally delivered by the Commanding Officer to the orphans at the Convent of the Good Shepherd in Quezon City, Philippines. The remainder of June was spent operating with CTG-77.3.

Most of July was spent on special operations in the South China Sea. On 24 July we concluded 37 continuous days at sea with a 10 day rest and upkeep period in Yokosuka, Japan. On the 5th of August KING departed Yokosuka for the South China Sea in support of carrier launched air strikes against North Vietnam.

The 15th of September found us in Hong Kong, B. C. C. after a strenuous 40 days at sea. The 5 days in Hong Kong provided much needed rest and relaxation.

From Hong Kong, KING returned again to Subic Bay in the Philippines for a six day upkeep period prior to our return to the operating areas of the South China Sea. KING again returned to Subic on 16 October for a very brief goodbye to the Philippines.

This deployment for KING included many firsts and afforded adequate response in all the areas of preparation for the cruise.

KING spent some 181 days underway of the 211 days away from home. Among other items KING expend the following items during the seven month cruise:

  • 30,264 pounds of beef
  • 22,000 pounds of potatoes
  • 2,640 gallons of ice cream
  • 3,360 pounds of coffee
  • 5,486,017 gallons of fuel
  • 1,735,867 gallons of fresh water

On 18 October KING commenced the much awaited transit to continental United States.

A thirty day leave and upkeep period commenced immediately on return to San Diego on 2 November. At the end of the leave and upkeep period, 5 December, the KING participated in independent steaming exercises in the San Diego operations areas. On 10 December KING stopped briefly at Seal Beach for missile handling.

From 11 December to 31 December the KING enjoyed a holiday leave and upkeep period.

USS HALSEY, USS COONTZ, and USS KING at Pier 2, San Diego Naval Station - 11 December 1965 (from the National Archives, College Park, MD)

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