Command History for 1962

1. Ship's history report for USS KING (DLG-10) for period 1 Jan 62 to 15 May 1962 is submitted herewith.

2. The USS KING spent the first two weeks of 1962 berthed in San Diego at the Naval Repair Facility.

3. Several at sea periods followed the Christmas holidays to evaluate the NTDS/HICAPCOM equipment installed aboard the KING.

4. On 15 March the KING was given an NTPI by the staff of CRUDESPAC and received a merit of 98.17, the highest ever received by a ship of Cruiser Destroyer Force Pacific.

5. During the month of April the NTDS evaluation was completed with KING again being acclaimed the “Most Outstanding NTDS Ship During the Evaluation” by RADM BERGIN, COMOPTEVFOR.

6. Since 27 April the KING has been in port preparing for Operation Pork Barrel, and then employment in WestPac.

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