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Photos by Phillip Howell DS2 - 1964 to 1965


JAN 1964
The guided missile frigates USS King (DLG-10) and USS Mahan (DLG-11) and the carrier USS Oriskany (CVA-34) visited Yokosuka harbor south of Tokyo in early January 1964. They had deployed together from San Diego on a WesPac (Western Pacific) cruise in support of the 7th Fleet on 1 Aug 1963 and were now in their last two months of that deployment. On 13 Jan, the trio headed out to sea to conduct anti-submarine operations in the Pacific Ocean about 100 miles south of Nagoya (located on the main Japanese island of Honshu). They returned to Yokosuka on 19 Jan. Then, on 22 Jan, the ships again left Yokosuka, head south, and docked at the pier at the White Beach Naval Base on Okinawa. After a 1-day visit to Okinawa, they sailed south and west toward Hong Kong.

P6401E10 - USS King Tied up in Yokosuka Harbor [96KB]

The photographer is riding the ship's launch to shore on liberty.

P6401F19 - USS Mahan DLG-11 Passes the King as She Heads Out of Yokosuka Harbor [103KB]

The King and Mahan support the carrier Oriskany (CVA-34) visible in the background. 

P6401D07 - Mahan Beside the King South of Japan - in Morning Light [76KB]

As a not-quite-identical twin of the King, the Mahan offers a very close image of what the King looked like at sea. oversize image [1.14MB]  

P6401D03 - Signalman at Work South of Japan [99KB]

An aircraft patrols for submarines while the signalman works in rough seas. 

P6402A04 - Mahan and King Follow the Oriskany at Sea [88KB]

The three ships operated as a team during the 1963-1964 WesPac cruise. 

P6402A09 - The King and Mahan at White Beach, Okinawa [99KB]

On 23 Jan, the King and Mahan docked at White Beach, the U.S. Navy’s principal base on Okinawa located near the tip of Katsuren peninsula. From here, sailors took buses west to Naha, the capital of Okinawa.  

P6402C01 - Mahan and King Conduct a Highline Transfer [106KB]
This transfer managed to keep the sailor dry as the ships headed for Hong Kong.  

FEB 1964
On 1 Feb, the Oriskany, Mahan and King arrived in
Hong Kong for a 4-day visit. Then, after about 10 days of operations in the South China Sea, the ships docked at Subic Bay on the west coast of the Phillipines. On 24 Feb, the ships left Subic Bay for their long trip back to San Diego.

P6402C11 - USS Oriskany CVA-34 Anchored in Hong Kong Harbor [82KB]

Carriers apparently always tied up in the middle of the harbor.

P6402C14 - Mahan and King at the HMS Tamar Pier in Hong Kong [99KB]

The nearest bars were just behind the photographer along Queens Road.

P6402C70 - Oriskany, King, and Mahan as Seen from Victoria Peak on Hong Kong [103KB]

The carrier is at anchor (lower left side); the King and Mahan are at the pier (lower left center).

P6402E16 - King Backs Away from Mahan and HMS Tamar Pier [96KB]

HMS Tamar was, I believe a small British naval facility.

P6403A17 - Crewmen Work on the King's Whale Boat in Subic Bay [121KB]
The captain's launch can be seen behind the whale boat - both are on the port side.

Messdecks - July 1965

Terrier Shoot
USS Oriskany (CV-34) June 1965
USS Oriskany (CV-34) Stern - June 1965

Watch this Space, more to come from Phil Howell


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