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Charities and other Association Support Activities

Azelea Charities website

This link to Azalea Charities For Wounded Soldiers is provided for your convenience.

The Azalea Charities Aid to Wounded Soldiers project provides comfort and relief items for soldiers and Marines sick, injured or wounded from service in Iraq and Afghanistan. Donated items are distributed to soldiers and Marines at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the National Naval Medical Center Bethesda each week. Many of the soldiers and Marines are grievously wounded and will require long hospitalization and rehabilitation. The purpose of the program is to enhance the morale and welfare of the wounded by contributing quality of life items.

Oregon Military Support Network

The Oregon Military Support Network's (OMSN) primary mission is to address the needs and welfare of all veterans and their families.

The mission is achieved through a combination of umbrella services from partner agencies and the development and delivery of other services that are delivered through OMSN staff and volunteers.

22 Jun 2006:

Hello all...This request is on behalf of the men, women, and
children of Afghanistan. The Afghan people are making great
strides in developing their wonderful country after years of war
and chaos. The military is doing all it can to keep the peace,
ensure security, and advance the society. Unfortunately, books
(of all kinds) is not something that is funded in great supply to
help educate the studious people of Afghanistan. They have a
great thirst for knowledge and hundreds of them are learning
English every day. So...if you have some old books lying around
the house, office, etc., or if you would like to purchase new books,
or even fund new books, please do not hesitate to send them to
my address. I will ensure that these books are delivered to the
needy people of Afghanistan and I will send you a signed thank
you for your support to Operation ENDURING FREEDOM.

Thank you sincerely...

Major Patrick B. Monahan

here is a link to the website which contains a posting from your’s truly—the men, women, and children of Afghanistan are always in my heart. Their culture, positive attitudes, and forward momentum are my inspiration on this initiative

Other Charitable Organizations
to consider are:

The Wounded Warrior Project

Fisher House -- Helping Military Families

Salute To America's Heroes


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