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About The USS King (DLG-10/DDG-41)

This page provides links to the history of the USS King and also to descriptions of the physical characteristics of the ship. This page is constantly evolving, so please come back often to see our changes.

The History of the USS King

Fleet Admiral Ernest Joseph King was one of only four men to wear five stars, the highest rank in the U. S. Navy. In 1956, the Secretary of the Navy, Charles S. Thomas, announced that one of the Navy's new Guided Missile Frigates would bear Admiral King's name.

Commanding Officers - During her service, 17 men bore the responsibility and honor of serving as the Commanding Officer of the USS King.

Official Command History - In 1952, the Chief of Naval Operations first directed commissioned ships to write an annual history. Over the years specific guidance for writing histories has been developed and issued. All U. S. Navy ships are required to submit their Command History, including a Narrative from the Commanding Officer.

Opens in a New Window1960 Narrative

Opens in a New Window1961 Narrative

Opens in a New Window1962 Narrative

The official Command Histories for the second half of 1962 and all of 1963 were not found at the Washington Navy Yard.

Opens in a New Window1964 Narrative

Opens in a New Window1965 Narrative

Opens in a New Window1966 Chronology of Events

Opens in a New Window1966 Narrative

Opens in a New Window1969 History

Opens in a New Window1970 Narrative

1970 Chronology of Events

Opens in a New Window1972 Narrative

1972 Chronology of Events

USS King Cruise Books - A Ship's Cruise Book was published for most of the USS King's deployments. If anyone would like to contribute their copy for digitization, please contact the Association Historian.

USS King Pamphlets and Letters - A variety of pamphlets, letters, and other documents were published throughout the years to be handed out to visitors or for special occasions.

USS King Time Line - During her more than 26 years of commissioned service, the USS King went on more than 15 major deployments, including 7 deployments to the waters off of Vietnam.

Ships Awards - The USS King has certainly earned her share of awards. Recognized on more than 50 occasions, including 2 Combat Action Ribbons, the USS King maintained her status throughout her lifetime as "King of the Fleet".

Search and Rescue - One of the many duties of the USS King off the coast of Vietnam was to provide radar surveillance and control as well as Search and Rescue (SAR) services for downed pilots.

Major Events - The USS King experienced many significant events, some exciting, some tragic.

Opens in a New WindowCommissioning Deck Log Entry, November 17, 1960

Opens in a New WindowASROC Hit, USS Volador (SS-490), February 3, 1961

Opens in a New WindowLoss of USS Oriskany (CVA-34) Pilot, Deck Log Entry, December 6, 1961

USS King In The News - The USS King has had many articles written about her in both military and civilian publications.

Sea Stories - No story about a ship is complete without the stories of the sailors who walked her decks. These stories give an insight into the daily life aboard ship and to the character of the ship herself.

Official Deck Logs - The official deck logs of the USS King detail the daily events aboard the ship. The project of adding these deck logs is a long and arduous process and pages will be added as time permits.

The Characteristics of the USS King

The Fast Task Force Escort - The USS King belonged to a new class of ships, the Guided Missile Frigate. She was the culmination of many years of design planning. In the book U.S. Destroyers: An Illustrated Design History (copyright 1982 Naval Institute Press: Annapolis, MD), Norman Friedman describes the process and the thinking behind the design of these new ships. Mr. Friedman and the Naval Institute Press have been kind enough to grant us permission to reprint that section of the book.

General Ship Characteristics - A list of general characteristics, facts, and figures.

Opens in a New WindowGeneral Ship Characteristics

Blueprints - The USS King Association has collected a great number of blueprints for both the ship and for some of her systems. More blueprints will be made available as they are digitized.

Weapons - The USS King deployed no less than 6 major weapons systems throughout her service.






Test Platform - The USS King served as the test platform for two of the most successful systems the U. S. Navy has ever deployed. These systems are still an integral part of today's Navy.

Engineering - The USS King employed a powerful and complex engineering plant. When she was designed, her increased power requirements, due largely to her new Combat Systems Suite, and her need to achieve and sustain high speeds made her one of the most advanced and complex engineering systems afloat.

Steam Plant


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