USS King Website Correction, Updates and Enhancements

To further enhance your enjoyment of your time spent aboard,
the following may help you see the changes that are occuring.

12/21/11 Revised Association page

12/08/11 Revised Reunion 2012 page

10/23/11 Revised In The News page

10/15/11 Revised contact page

08/05/11 Added links to links page

07/23/11 Added Reunion photos - San Antonio

07/17/11 Revised Charities page

07/16/11 Updated 1961 Narrative

07/14/11 Update E J King page

12/26/10 Updated Memorial page with Gottsch, Keith and Ver Voorn

10/04/10 Added John B. Spirauskas BM2 to Memory page and added info on Thomas B. Buell the Kings first missile officer.

09/22/10 Added Patrick Wayne Keays RDC, Larry Malone RD3, Albert Peter Stello, Jr , Fred Warren Hill and Hilton James Fouquier to the Memory page.

09/20/10 Added Alfred "Ram" Ramirez SM1 to the Memory page.

08/27/10 Added Lyle K. Head and VADM William L. Read to Memory page.

08/09/10 Added Alexander Ortiz photos.

08/09/10 Uploaded Amended Bylaws from June 21, 2010

07/25/10 Updated new board of directors and contact info - association page.

07/16/10 Added Bill French "Plankowner" to Memory page

0624/10 Revised Index page, posted San Antonio Reunion tentative date and cleaned up main index page.

0624/10 Revised Ships Store Page per Phillip Eltings request, removed sweatshirts.

06/01/10 Added several shipmates to Memory page.

03/24/10 Added Gary Ganz to Memory page, who was KING’s Supply Officer 1971-1973, passed on March 5, 2010

01/28/10 Added Reunion Registration and info

10/19/09 Replaced Steve Leadbetter with Philip Elting as Membership Director on Association page

09/03/09 Added Roger R. Lynd - Plankowner to Memory page

07/30/09 Uploaded August Issue of the Buccaneer Newsletter.

07/14/09 Updated Association page to New Board of Directors and added Minutes of the meeting.

05/24/09 Numerous modifications to the Discussion Forum due to hackers and bot registrations.

03/29/09 Updated Dave Bilby information on index page and Association page

03/29/09 Updated Bylaws - November 19, 2008

03/11/09 Added new items to Ship's Store

03/03/09 Added Charities page

03/03/09 Added Membership lapel pin info to Index page and reorganized.

02/12/09 Added Eloy "Bill" Roybal - Plankowner to Memory page

01/07/09 Added Helo Combat Squadron HC-7 to Links Page

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