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USS King Website Correction, Updates and Enhancements

To further enhance your enjoyment of your time spent aboard, the following may help you see the changes that are occuring.

12/28/07 Guestbook offline, problem unknown.

12/11/07 Added Ship's TimeLine, work done by Mark Donovan

11/29/07 Added 1960 Commissioning Booklet, contributed by Thomas R. Stephenson, LCDR, USN (Ret)

11/27/07 Updated Ship's Store Order Forms

11/01/07 Added Buccaneer Newsletter Sample to Association pulldown

11/01/07 Added New Timeline to Menu

10/31/07 Added information to Reunion Page and maps of Meeting rooms, etc.

10/20/07 Added MED 1981 to Cruise Books, contributed by Bill Baumgartner

10/20/07 Added WestPac 62 Cruise Book contributed by Bill Parks

10/17/07 Added Joe Separk to Memorial page, he passed away at 2300, 16 October 2007.

10/9/07 Added UNITAS XXI to Cruise Books, contributed by Bill Baumgartner

10/04/07 Added WestPac 72-73 Cruise Book contributed by Terry Forsyth

10/03/07 Added various cruise book covers, contributed by Richard W. Dillard, OCSM, USN ret.

09/17/07 Added Suggested reading list from the Naval War College regarding Ernest Joseph King FADM

09/13/07 Added G A Sharp Bio to CO's page by Mark Donovan.

08/27/07 Added 1966 ASROC Firing to Sea Stories Page from Dave Nesbitt.

08/25/07 cleaned up various webpages, unified look.

08/25/07 Added Photos, Welcome Aboard Pamphlet, 1987 Change of Command Pamphlet and 1989 Change of Command Pamphlet from CDR Moreland. Also updated CDR Moreland's Bio page.

08/19/07 Added WestPac 70 Cruise Book contributed by Steve Cuddihy

08/17/07 Added to CO's page - Tarbuck and his memorabilia by Mark Donovan

08/01/07 Added Reunion Photos by Steve Cuddihy

07/26/07 Added WestPac 69 Cruise Book contributed by Dave Wood BT2

07/18/07 Added more information to New CO's page.

07/18/07 Added new Membership Application from Phil Elting

07/14/07 Added new Cruisebooks page.

07/10/07 Added Cruisebook 1967-68

07/09/07 Added photos to Reunion 07 page.

07/04/07 Added new item (Lanyard) to Store page, added Reunion Photos page for Branson.

06/27/07 Updated the following pages: Index.shtml, Index2.shtml, Association.shtml and Reunion.shtml

06/03/07 Added USS Bunker Hill CG-52 Day trip photos just in case anyone forgets what its like to be underway.

06/03/07 Added the Cruisebooks to History popdown on menu.

06/02/07 revamped the menu.

05/27/07 Added info on Capt. Sonntag to Co's page.

04/22/07 Added photo of 1SD - San Diego bouy #1 to Carlsens photos page.

04/21/07 Added May 07 Buccaneer Newsletter to Newsletter page from the Database link.

04/09/07 Added 1963-64 WestPac Cruise book

04/01/07 Added a lot of photos taken by Chuck White of Reunion 2006 in Baltimore the USTS Constellation..

04/01/07 Worked on Ships Store, added new DDG-41 Patch and Order forms.

03/29/07 Added Thanksgiving Menu from 1966 Inside Outside

03/28/07 Added 1966 Westpac Cruise Book

03/24/07 Added a lot of photos taken by Chuck White of Reunion 2006 in Baltimore.

03/18/07 Recieved the Silver Website Award for excellence from the American Association of Webmasters.

03/08/07 Added 1965 Westpac Cruise Book

03/07/07 Added a Independance Day 1962 Cachet to Mailbag page.

03/04/07 Added many more new file and page links to the About The King page.

03/01/07 Added new About The King page. Added many other new pages linked to the About page.

02/25/07 Added pages for the LaRon Stoker - A Search and Rescue Pilots story.

02/25/07 Worked with Mark Donovan getting ready for a big splash called About . The unveiling will coincide with the 50th Anniversary of the keel laying of the King.

02/24/07 Revamped Ships Store again, changed to black background.

02/15/07 Uploaded new Ships Store order form.

02/15/07 Added more patches to the Patches Page, Turner Joy and Ticonderoga.

02/09/07 Added Newspaper clippings to In The News page. Revised Ship's Store, per Phil Elting update.

02/08/07 Added presentation of Honorary Membership with Richard Penn and Bruce Carlsen to Richard Penn's story.

02/07/07 Over the course of the last week changes have been made to the Discussion forum. It has been given a new look with many added features.

01/25/07 Revised Ships Store items, Changed new order forms.

01/20/07 Cleaned up and reorganized many webpages. Added Re-commissioning page.

01/19/07 Added CIWS page to Weapons.

01/16/07 Added Reunion Photos links to Photos page.

01/12/07 Re-worked Patches page

01/11/07 Added photos to Remains page, submitted by Mark Donovan.

01/11/07 Revised Coffee Mug info in the Ship's Store.

01/09/07 Added 2.9 MB image of the blueprint.

01/09/07 Added Election Committee infomation to home page.

01/0707 Updated Reunion information.

01/04/07 Updated many links, added menu items, revised home page.

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