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USS King Website Correction, Updates and Enhancements

To further enhance your enjoyment of your time spent aboard, the following may help you see the changes that are occuring.

12/12/06 Added Navy News Feed to home page.

12/11/06 Updated Reunion page, add Branson tourist info.

11/28/06 Added various hotspots to Construction page

11/24/06 Added NTDS page.

11/16/06 Introduced new lead in page that refers to the main page. Added blueprint to Construction page

11/08/06 Revised Site Map

11/08/06 Added 1969 Fire page to menu under History, 1969.

11/04/06 Added November Newsletter to Newsletter page. Accessible from member area in the database.

11/03/06 Added pulldowns for Ships Store to menu.

11/02/06 Revamped Ships Store, added new items and setup Blue Light Sale.

10/22/06 Added photos by Ronald Raum RDSN 1963.

10/16/06 Added instructions for website viewing to Help page.

09/27/06 Added some flash to index page. "Welcome Aboard and Ship's Store.

09/22/06 Added photos by Jack Dineen and Chuck White to Reunion 06 photo page.

09/20/06 Added Stanley C. Roach FTCM to Memory Page.

09/12/06 Added in to the Association History page the original websites from Steve Cuddihy Jr.

09/05/06 continued cleaning up pages, making them uniform. Revised In Memory page.

09/03/06 Updated photo of the month.

08/26/06 Split apart Webmasters Notes page and added Help page. Revised Contact page to include other King Contacts.

08/25/06 Added Reunion 2007 information

08/24/06 Added new and improved and overhauled Ships Store.

08/19/06 Revised Association History page, it went into the yards for overhaul

07/22/06 Added more info (timeline) to Association History page. Added photo of Panel 24 Vietnam Memorial wall from Don Heili to 1969 fire page. Changed over all references to Ships Store and Membership to Phil Elting with new forms. Added photos by Bruce Carlsen to his photo page of the USS Frank E Evans DD-754 collision. Added photo by Steve Cuddihy to BT Country.

07/19/06 replaced amended Bylaws 17 June 2006

07/18/06 Added to Natter page

07/10/06 replaced 12 june 2004 with Bylaws 25 June 2004.

07/07/06 Awarded Art Space 2000.com World Web Award for Excellence 2006-2007

0703/06 Updated sitemap and menu system.

07/02/06 Added new page, 1972 Basic Narrative also 1969 and 1970

07/02/06 Added new page, Association History , cleaned up a lot on the index page. Added Search and Rescue to Sea Stories to accomodate the pilots stories, Natter and Penn

07/02/06 Revised Ship Naming page.

07/01/06 Added bio's to CO's page ; added to Reunion06 page, Index page (Shipmates Questionnaire) and added alot to 1966 PT Boat Incident

06/23/06 Revised Association page, added new BOD

06/20/06 Removed all instances of Baltimore reunion from Home Page and added photo of webmaster graveside to Ernest J King.

05/12/06 Added page for Admiral Ernest J. King's Foreward from "Battle Stations"

05/08/06 Changed to smaller leaner menu system.

05/08/06 Added the USS King Ship's timeline page. It is a work in progress and will be added to as information is collected.

05/08/06 Added movies by Dave Nesbitt, continuing to clean up an enhance site.

04/19/06 Added pages for Natter and Penn

04/13/06 Added webmail icon, Information/website update icon to header page.

03/30/06 Added and updated links - submitted by Dave Nesbitt

03/29/06 Revised Sitemap page. Worked on menu.

03/28/06 Added more photos by Phil Howell

03/28/06 Added Richard Penn as Guest speaker to Reunion Page

03/16/06 Added photos by Phil Howell

03/10/06 Added Ship Naming article by The Chronical-Telegram

03/05/06 Added movie by Chuck White - Cebu City - 1966 and Messdecks Photo by Phillip Howell DS2 for photo of the month.

03/04/06 Updated Ship Naming page

03/03/06 Updated Ship Naming page, misc. changes and updates to index page.

02/24/06 Added Bill Natter's Guest Speaker info to Reunion Page. Removed DL-10 Designator from Index and History pages.

02/04/06 Added THE DLG's links page.

02/03/06 Updated Movie of the month, established Buccaneer TV, BCNR-TV

01/19/06 Added Sitemap page. Worked on menu, added icons.

01/18/06 Updated Newsletters in Member area of the database. Added November 2005.

01/16/06 Old messageboard is no longer functioning, use Discussion Forum Messageboard.

01/16/06 Added Navychief.com website award for patriotism.

01/15/06 Added newspaper articles involving 3 Kingsmen lost at sea from Milton Craven
and article from Venezuela - Unitas XXI

01/15/06 Added new pages to A/V section - Comics and Navy humor

01/14/06 Revised menu for A/V separation - Sounds, Movie Clips, Photos and Music

01/14/06 added links to Ship Awards page - BUPERS and Build your own Rack

01/13/06 Revised new menu, totally changed it. Locked and set at top of page, best viewed with 800x600 or higher resolution

01/12/06 Added Bill Natter rescue to In the News page

01/11/06 Adjusted new menu. best viewed with 1024x768 or higher resolution

01/01/06 Changed to new menu system

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