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Welcome to the USS King website. To further enhance your enjoyment of your time spent aboard, the following may help you:

* Links - Other pages on the website are underlined, so that when you pass your mouse over the link a hand will appear. I have tried to keep links to other websites to a minimum except on links page, so that when websites change we can identify the broken links and make the necessary modifications. I have tried to be consistant when going to a new page through a link. The new link page opens to a new window and should keep you at the website after you close the newly linked page, i.e. a high resolution photo or a webpage that has been linked from another page in the website. Links to major webpages are shown thus.

* Photos - All photos should lead from the thumbnail to an enlarged, higher resolution graphic. A camera icon links to a single photo or newspaper clipping on the website.

* Text size - For those of you that have vision problems and a scroll wheel on your mouse, hold down the control key on your keyboard while scrolling over the text, it should enlarge or reduce depending on the direction of the mouse wheel.

* Sounds - Not all music plays the same way, Internet Explorer uses your default player as in Winows Media Player. The bell graphic on the Memorial Page rings when you click on the bell.

* Graphics - Some graphics change when you pass your mouse over it, from one photo to another. Also most graphics/photo thumnails should have a text description that pops up when you run your mouse over it.

Chuck White - Webmaster
* Warnings - A warning to the viewer will be preceeded by the Shore Patrol armband.
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Website corrections - additions - enhancements by Webmaster, Chuck White BT3, 1963 to 1967

12/28/05 Added Ammo video clip to Photo page

12/21/05 Revised Memorial page, added sunset

12/21/05 Revised index page, added Christmas photo by Jim Sievers.

12/18/05 Testing new menu system TEST

12/08/05 Created new header for all pages - keeping it fresh.

12/05/05 Added Sea Story page - Captain Bustard makes a bet, submitted by Dave Nesbitt

12/04/05 removed corrupted discusion forum and replaced with updated forum.

12/02/05 Changed Photo of the month

11/04/05 Added 45th Birthday and changed photo of the month

11/03/05 Updated Reunion page

10/25/05 Added Shipmate Questionairre to Guestbook page.

10/23/05 Revised In Memory Page, fixed links.

10/19/05 Revamped front page, added Stern View of DLG-10.

10/18/05 Additional Association disclaimer for footer

10/16/05 Added NTDS page.

10/12/05 miscelleneous html cleanup and new footer graphics

10/02/05 Changed photo of the month. Added Barksdale photo to guestbook. Reorganized Index page a bit.

10/02/05 With Mark Donovans' help added Ranks and Ratings (Avatars) to Discussion forum

9/28/05 Added photos to the new Guestbook

9/28/05 Added photos from Dave Nesbitt to Shellback page

9/27/05 Added Discussion Forum

9/27/05 Cleaning up web pages making consistant.

9/26/05 Added new guestbook, way too many hits by commercial enterprises (smut). The new guestbook has a lot more features and safeguards.

9/15/05 Received and added more information from Ron Reeves to the COs page.

9/13/05 Cleaned up and added items to History Page

9/008/05 Added more Reunion 2005 photos from Bill French

9/04/05 Added August 2005 Newsletter to Members page

9/03/05 Added Decklogs 12/10/60 to 12/15/60

9/03/05 Added Dennis Morneau to memory page.

9/03/05 Added photos from Larry Utnage, BT country.

9/03/05 Updated new price list for Ship's Store.

8/14/05 Added Reunion 2005 page

8/14/05 Changed many pages - colors/backgrounds - unifying website

8/02/05 changed photo of the month

7/19/05 Added New Board photo to Association page.

7/18/05 Added 2006 Reunion place and date. reformatting site pages for 2006 Reunion.

7/10/05 changed photo of the month.

06/30/05 Changed Association Page and Ships Store pages

06/27/05 Setup new Board of Directors on the Association Page.

06/23/05 Removed Reunion info and Ship Model from Index page

06/04/05 Added more Deck Logs 12/05/60 to 12/09/60.

06/01/05 Added reunion pin to Store page and Registration info on Index page.

06/01/05 Changed photo of the month on Index page.

05/02/05 Added John "Cactus Jack" Titus to memory page.

04/27/05 Added more Deck Logs 12/01/60 to 12/04/60 and Hotel deadline notice

04/27/05 Updated ADM King's grandaughter's notes to Biography

04/19/05 Added DDG-41 Model Auction and updated ship model page

04/11/05 Added In the News page to Histoy Page

04/11/05 Added New Area - Deck Logs - Accessed from the History Page - 1960 November and December

03/25/05 Added Dave Nesbitt's BMW and Florida plate.

03/24/05 Added Joe Separk's photos to the BT Country page.

03/07/05 Updated Licenseplate page with new DLG 10 and USS KING photos

03/01/05 Changed Photo of the Month, thanks to Bill Longacre and added Photos page by Bill Longacre.

02/28/05 Added new header - gotta keep the website fresh

02/27/05 Added Reunion Registration form

02/26/05 Added Bruce Carlsen Photos page

02/04/05 Added Seattle Visitor's Bureau Pamplet. Changed Bill Baumgartners email address

02/01/05 Changed Photo of the month, thanks to Roger Fitzgerald

01/19/05 Added Frank Lone Elk to memorial page. Revised index page.

01/05/05 Added Murlen Skinner to Memory page. Changed photo of the month.

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