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TIPS and TRICKS for the USS King Website

Welcome to the USS King website. To further enhance your enjoyment of your time spent aboard, the following may help you:

* Links - Other pages on the website are underlined, so that when you pass your mouse over the link a hand will appear. I have tried to keep links to other websites to a minimum except on links page, so that when websites change we can identify the broken links and make the necessary modifications. I have tried to be consistant when going to a new page through a link. The new link page opens to a new window and should keep you at the website after you close the newly linked page, i.e. a high resolution photo or a webpage that has been linked from another page in the website. Links to major webpages are shown thus.

* Photos - All photos should lead from the thumbnail to an enlarged, higher resolution graphic. A camera icon links to a single photo or newspaper clipping on the website.

* Text size - For those of you that have vision problems and a scroll wheel on your mouse, hold down the control key on your keyboard while scrolling over the text, it should enlarge or reduce depending on the direction of the mouse wheel.

* Sounds - Not all Music play the same way, Internet Explorer uses your default player as in Winows Media Player. The bell graphic on the Memorial Page rings when you click on the bell.

* Graphics - Some graphics change when you pass your mouse over it, from one photo to another.

* Warnings - A warning to the viewer will be preceeded by the Shore Patrol armband

Website corrections - additions - enhancements by Webmaster, Chuck White BT3, 1963 to 1967

12/21/04 Added full featured Chatroom by Jim Seivers

12/15/04 Added Newpaper clippings to In the News page

12/14/04 Various modifications to pages

12/06/04 Added USS King Re-naming project - Time Magazine cover

12/03/04 Added Joe Separk's photo to BT Country

12/02/04 Changed photo for the month index page

11/29/04 Added Patrick Healy to Memory Page

11/23/04 Added Bob Boley's Missing Man Ceremony photo to Reunion 2004 page

11/17/04 Added Dave Nesbitts - 1961 subpoena and 1966 In the News clippings

11/12/04 Added change of command for Williams

11/08/04 Added Andy Manzo RD3 to memorial page.

11/03/04 Added Decommissioning page

11/02/04 Updated links for OPNAV instructions and SECNAV notice for Ships Awards page.

11/02/04 Updated photo of the month.

10/25/04 Updated information on DDG-41 model.

10/21/04 Added additional comments to Oddities Page from Dave Nesbitt. Added link from Sea Stories Page to Oddities. General house cleaning. Have to do that once in awhile, get rid of the web crawlers.

10/14/04 Added Golden Anchor Website Award to Awards page.

10/07/04 Added DOD Invitation for Bids to In the News Page

10/07/04 continued customizing webpages for uniformity.

10/07/04 Added old Shipmate Search page to Message Board page.

10/04/04 Added IN THE NEWS page - handles all newsprint items throught the King's history

10/03/04 Added new photo from Jim Sievers - Sunset - October Photo of the month

10/03/04 Added James R. Walter to Memory page

9/30/04 Added Jax Brewery building photo to Reunion 04 from Bill French.

9/29/04 Added "All hands" photo of King-Coontz launching

9/23/04 Added Transportation - Shuttle information to Reunion page.

9/23/04 Added Reunion 2005 page and info on the index page.

9/20/04 continue to add footer to all pages.

9/19/04 Added "Colors" poem by William Robert White to index page.

9/03/04 Added Donald DeTemple to Memory page.

9/03/04 Association position of Historian filled by Mark Donovan. Modified Association page.

9/02/04 Updated headers for the Database and Messageboard so they look like the rest of the website.

9/01/04 Updated Photo of the month. - Thanks Jim Sievers.

8/25/04 Added GOOGLE to Search page. Gives you the ability to search both the King website and the WWW

8/23/04 Added several photos to the PORTS page from Al Gilbertson.

8/20/04 Populated website in various places for Member Database access, Index page, Guestbook, Association Page and Seach page.

8/20/04 Forgot to update Photo of the month, OOPS!!!

8/18/04 Revised Association positions and emails.

8/14/04 Added photos of Dave Nesbitt and Tom Mealey to Sea Stories page and PT Boat Incident.

8/09/04 Added Tom Mealey's account of the PT Boat incident and removed Don Dodson's. Also added it to the Sea Stories Page.

8/5/04 Added NATO Cruise 1990

8/2/04 Added to Reunion 04 page - Natchez movie

8/2/04 Added link to Robert Alexander - photographer Blog site

7/22/04 Added new instructions to Guestbook and Message Board including disclaimer.

7/21/04 Added Reunion Pins to Ships Store

7/21/04 Added Operations page

7/21/04 Added Snipe page with all Enginnering rates and the poem "Snipes Lament" , also introducing the Shore Patrol armband as a warning tool to viewers.

7/19/04 Added 1966 Tesh Letter PDF and to History pulldown. Added REFTRA page

7/18/04 Added 1970 Narrative and to History pulldown.

7/18/04 Added page about ships model being built.

7/16/04 Added photo of Leo Gottsch to BT page

7/13/04 Added Photos to Reunion Page by Robert Alexander and added copyright note

7/11/04 Changed Websiteupdate Icon

7/08/04 Added more Reunion 2004 photos.

7/07/04 Added new Banner - and popdowns for History - 1969 Narrative and PIRAZ. Also added popdowns for old Guestbooks.

7/04/04 Added Reunion 2004 photo page to Reunion pull down and also to Photos page

7/03/04 Updated Photo page, added DDG-41 Misc. photos, replaced old Miscelleous page. Removed Ronald Reagan from home page.

6/30/04 Changed Photo of the Month For July from Bill french "Gone Fishing"

6/17/04 Removed Reunion info from home page - added photos for Reunion 2004, rearrainged home page. Updated Association page with the exception of BOD photo, do not have as yet.

6/06/04 Added more 2003 Reunion Photos

6/05/04 Ronald Reagan dies at age 93 1911-2004

6/01/04 Update photo of the month on Index page.

5/25/04 Added Status of the Navy

5/20/04 Update Reunion news from Ray Marshall on index page.

5/12/04 Added photos of the March 1966 visit to San Francisco to PORTS page.

5/09/04 Added new king license plate showing car this time and owner

5/05/04 Added John Watts information to Crew photo page.

5/01/04 Photo of the month change

4/26/04 Added Midway pic and story by Bruce Carlsen to Sea Stories

4/21/04 Added new DLG 10 license plate from California (guess who has it?) (yep you guessed it, the King webmaster.

4/21/04 added mugs to Ships Store

4/20/04 Revamped Ship's Store page

4/19/04 Updated Memorial page

4/15/04 Some formatting issues. Added links to Member Database on main menu and index. page.

4/14/04 Changed Reunion info from Ray Marshall.

4/13/04 Setup menu header for database.

04/02/04 Added CPO Patch to index page and Patches page

03/31/04 Changed Photo of the Month

03/29/04 Added Virginia License Plate from Jim Feher SM1 (SW/AW) and served on king from 82 - 86

03/18/04 Added Chatroom to Messageboard page

03/15/04 Added photos from Donald De Temple to Weapons, At Sea, Unreps, BT Country

03/10/04 Miscellaneous cleanup of webpages and menu change to include NATO 1988 in the Photo Gallery.

03/03/04 Added Reunion update message from Ray Marshall to index page, moved Preliminary Reunion Agenda to Reunion page.

03/01/04 Photo of the Month - Randy S. Miller - NATO Cruise 1988 on Photo Gallery.

02/28/04 Added Construction photos from Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Archives

02/28/04 Added more Reunion 2003 photos from Steve Cuddihy.

02/27/04 Added photos from Donald De Temple to BT Country. Added Reunion photos from Steve Cuddihy to Reunion 2003.

02/27/04 Finished updating new menu system and tested.

02/25/04 Beginning to update new menu system in webpage header.

02/19/04 Updated Memorial page - Roger Church. Redoing header and navigation buttons.

02/17/04 Added new header graphics to home page and awards page.

02/17/04 Added American Association of Webmasters "Gold" Award

02/13/04 added New Membership form - Revision 5

Please contact the WEBMASTER when you find a problem or have a suggestion for the site.


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