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TIPS and TRICKS for the USS King Website - 2002-2003

Welcome to the USS King website. To further enhance your enjoyment of your time spent aboard, the following may help you:

* Links - Other pages on the website are underlined, so that when you pass your mouse over the link a hand will appear. I have tried to keep links to other websites to a minimum except on links page, so that when websites change we can identify the broken links and make the necessary modifications. I have tried to be consistant when going to a new page through a link. The new link page opens to a new window and should keep you at the website after you close the newly linked page, i.e. a high resolution photo or a webpage that has been linked from another page in the website. Links to major webpages are shown thus.

* Photos - All photos should lead from the thumbnail to an enlarged, higher resolution graphic. A camera icon links to a single photo or newspaper clipping on the website.

* Text size - For those of you that have vision problems and a scroll wheel on your mouse, hold down the control key on your keyboard while scrolling over the text, it should enlarge or reduce depending on the direction of the mouse wheel.

* Sounds - Not all Music play the same way, Internet Explorer uses your default player as in Winows Media Player. The bell graphic on the Memorial Page rings when you click on the bell.

* Graphics - Some graphics change when you pass your mouse over it, from one photo to another.

Please contact the WEBMASTER when you find a problem or have a suggestion for the site.

10/04/03 added Steve Cuddihy's New Orleans Reunion button to Index page.

10/04/03 changed photo of the month.

10/02/03 revised Reunion page to reflect the 2004 New Orleans Reunion

09/28/03 Added History of Admiral King

09/20/03 Updated Ship Awards page with sources

09/18/03 Added Ship Awards page

09/13/03 Added DS link to links page

09/11/03 Added September Newsletter to site with link from home page.

09/01/03 Updated photo of the month

08/27/03 Added Reunion pin to Ships store, revised page.

08/26/03 Added link to Baumgartners website.

08/20/03 Uploaded entire website and restored same after rebuild on host.

07/01/03 Updated Steve Cuddihy's email address (3 pages) and updated photo of the month.

06/29/03 Updated Shipmates Questionnaire on Association Page with Dave Nesbitt's change of address.

06/22/03 Added date line and calendar to index page

06/21/03 Added links to Links page - Navy online, Seventh fleet, Comdesron15

06/17/03 Added many photos to construction photos page, contributed by Brian Kroenung USS Coontz

05/31/03 Added Bridge photo

05/26/03 Added miscelleneous photos. Updated CO's page, link to VADM Redd biography. Changed home page with new items links.

05/14/03 Added UNITAS XXI page, many photos by Bill Baumgartner, updated Photos page and Patches.

04/30/03 Revised Photo of the Month for May. Also placed link to Awards page and removed 2 awards on Index page to make space.

04/29/03 Website received the PATRIOT Award. Posted on the Index and Awards page.

04/23/03 Added Photos by Bill Baumgartner to Ports page and Inside page.

04/21/03 Removed Eye on Iraq from index page. Revised Links page entirely.

04/12/03 Added many photos by Bill Baumgartner to Ports and Night pages, Unitas XXI Cruise, also photos by Jim Mader.

03/29/03 Added night photos from Bill Baumgartner EM2 to Ports page. Also made one of his "Photo of the month."

03/26/03 removed EYE ON IRAQ and replaced it with General Douglas MacArthur's Farewell speech.

03/25/03 Added photos by Steve Swintosky on At Sea page.

03/23/03 Added Photo of USS Coontz DLG-9 and King 's Motor Whaleboat, taken by Steve Swintosky during PT Boat incident of 1966

03/19/03 Added Eye on Iraq - news from Military.com

03/18/03 Added Webmaster Tricks and Tips to websiteupdates page.

03/15/03 Added Sea Stories Page

03/14/03 Added note from Steve Cuddihy about 2003 Reunion on Reunion Page

03/07/03 Added 1969 History and 1969 History Narrative pages

03/03/03 Won TOP HONORS Award from Military World.

03/03/03 Added photos from Jim Mader to Ports page

03/01/03 Added links to Military Locator and Reunion Service on both the Links and Reunion Page.

02/23/03 Added Shellback Photo page and miscelleneous photos and updated Memorial page

02/19/03 Updated bylaws with Webmaster wording change

02/18/03 Added Mailbag Page to Photos section, combined Postcards and mail

02/17/02 Completely redesigned At Sea page - added photos

02/16/03 Added Commanding Officers Timeline

02/12/03 Added Steve Cuddihy's photo's to the 1969 Fire page.

02/08/03 Added 1969 Fire photos and links from History page and photo page
also miscellaneous cleanup of html code

02/05/03 Added 1966 Welcome Home newspaper clipping to History page

01/27/03 Added CDR Bustard's burial notice on memorial page

01/26/03 Added numerous links, added Farragut Class Webring

01/19/03 Revised Photo page, revised construction page and Shipyard page.

01/17/03 Added Golden Web Award, added call sign for DDG-41, revamped Remains page

01/16/03 Completely redid Memorial page

01/01/03 Updated Guestbook - separated 2002 into two pages to go back to October 2001

01/01/03 Added Postcard Page, reorganized At Sea Photos

12/31/02 Added UNREP's Photo Page and link from photo page

12/30/02 Added Military.com Personnel locater link to LINKs page

12/28/02 Added link to Rear Admiral Charles P. Tesh Memorial Site
Added Edward Conrad FTC to Memorial Page

12/27/02 Added License Plate page - updated photos link

12/15/02 Added Fire page and Poem - links from "History" page and "In Memory" page
Changed Shipmate Questionnaire from .DOC back to .PDF, too many problems
Added Link to www.bluejackets.com

12/13/02 New Host - website up and running
Added Dictionary of American Fighting Ships page
Added PIRAZ page and tag on History page
Added PT Boat Incident page and tag on History page
Revised index page disclaimer and owner identification to King Association
Changed Shipmate Questionnaire from .PDF to .DOC from Dave Nesbitt

12/07/02 New Memorial Page - replaced old one per Steve Cuddihy

12/06/02 Changed left panel, added King Rocker Patch, corrected masthead

11/29/02 Added Association page, moved Bylaws and Adobe link to Association page
Added Membership Application
Added Shipmate questionnaire

11/28/02 Corrected Reunion 2002 photos page - mirrored d11, d11s, d12, d12s, d13, d13s
replaced wrong thumbnail f7s

Added link to Memorial for RADM Charles P. Tesh.
Added Website update PDF to index page

11/27/02 Links page - Added Webring information, started webring for King also applied for NAVRING

11/23/02 Corrected masthead USS KING (DLG-10/DDG-41)

11/22/02 Added Ships Store Order form
King Reunion Page - added address for Alan, also link to Ships Store and Photos page.

11/20/02 Corrected links from Ships store page to large photo of hat and shirt. Various Webmaster email links changed to webmaster@uss-king.com

11/19/02 Corrected links from Ships store page to large photo of hat and shirt

11/18/02 Added Association Bylaws

11/13/02 Received website from Steve Cuddihy


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