Command History for 1964

Looking in retrospect now, KING’s history during 1964 has been one of continuing challenge and success. KING's extensive operations in the Western Pacific continued during January and February. As a unit of Task Group 17.5 and of special significance during this period was the fact that in January, KING successfully fired two Terrier missiles competitively. For this, the ship was awarded her second consecutive Missilery “E”. In mid-February KING returned to Subic Bay. P.I. for a last upkeep period prior to returning to the Continental United States, and on 25 February we departed the Philippine area for home. KING arrived in its homeport of San Diego California on 10 March 1964 to commence a well earned leave period after better than seven months operations in the Western Pacific. There remained only a few brief tests with respect to the compatibility of the Naval Tactical Data System (NTDS) with the newly developed Air Tactical Data System (ATDS) prior to entering the Long Beach Naval Shipyard for overhaul.

With all compatibility tests completed, KING entered the Long Beach Naval Shipyard at Long Beach, California on 20 April 1964 to commence her first regularly scheduled major overhaul. Of special significance during this five month period were some of the major alterations introduced in KING to permit a more effective utilization of her varied capabilities. Accomplished work items included the installation of a more sophisticated ECM capability in the form of the ULQ-6, two additional NTDS consoles to offer embarked staffs a means through which they may be kept better apprised of special circumstances in the Anti-Air Warfare Environment, the conversion to the AN/SPG-55A radars to allow firing of the HT Terrier missile, and updating of the missile handling and loading equipment.

Additionally, the crew’s quarters were completely renovated, including the installation of new laundry and galley facilities as well as a completely renewed mess decks. Upon departing from the Long Beach Naval Shipyard on 6 October 1964 KING could look back on an extremely successful overhaul with the overhaul completed on schedule, and all major equipments working satisfactorily, KING could point again with pride not only to her material readiness and freshly painted exterior, but to the green Operations Department “E” on the bridge superstructure, a white Gunnery “E“ on Mount 51, a red Engineering Department “E” on her after stack and a white Missilery “E” and hashmark on her missile launcher and missile radars.

Since departure from the Long Beach Naval Shipyard, KING has busied herself with the business of preparing for her next deployment, now scheduled in April, 1965. The Ship's Qualification and Assistance Team (SQAT) embarked in KING during late October and early November and during their stay KING successfully fired three of four Terrier missiles. During this period and continuing through early December KING additionally participated with units of the Marine Corps and Naval Air Force for evaluation of NTDS, MTDS and ATDS. Though now enjoying a Christmas leave and upkeep period, KING remains a busy ship. On 9 December she successfully passed her NTPI for fiscal year 1964, received an outstanding on 10 December during her annual medical inspection and is preparing for underway training, now scheduled for late February and March. The arrival in January, 1965 of Commander C. P. TESH, USN, who will relieve Commander E. L. COCHRANE, Jr. as Commanding Officer is also anticipated.

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