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 ====== Official Deck Log, Saturday, 19 November 1960 ====== ====== Official Deck Log, Saturday, 19 November 1960 ======
-  ​* **__0000__** Moored ​as before.+**__00-04__** 
 +  ​* **__0000__** Moored ​starboard side to Pier 5, berth B, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, Washington with standard mooring lines doubled and two wire cable breast lines. Receiving all services from the pier. Ships present include various units of the U. S. Pacific Fleet and yard and district craft. Material condition YOKE (Modified) is set. Readiness condition IV is in effect. SOPA is Commanding Officer, U. S. S. Yorktown (CVS-10). 
 +  * **__0115__** The Shore Patrol Detail with LINDSEY, J. W., **XXX XX XX**, BT2, USN, in charge returned to the ship having completed TAD.
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