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Dale Baker (12/30/2003)
Email: Dale.Baker@att.net
Your Rank: RD2
Years Served: 0
I was in the same boot camp company as Jose J. Javines EMC. It was company 362 Nov. 1954. Jose was our company honorman. The date listed for his death is Jan. 8, 1973.
Gary Gillen Jr. (12/25/2003)
Email: gilleng@indy.raytheon.com
Your Rank: OS2
Years Served: Dec 80 - May 83
Both my Dad and I served aboard the King and have had a great time going through the web site exchanging stories. Thanks for the effort to put this together.
Gillen Gary L senior (12/25/2003)
Email: ggillen@qwest.net
Your Rank: Radarman First Class -- OS-1
Years Served: Jun 67 -- Jun 72
I remeber lots of hard times!!!!!!
Bruce Carlsen (12/21/2003)
Email: bcarlsen@charter.net
Your Rank: QM3
Years Served: 1968 - 1971
If any of you have digital photographs from either the San Diego or Norfolk reunion and have the ability to put them on a CD please do so and send them to me at the address on the ships store order form. If you have the ability to scan old Navy photos please burn them to a CD and send them along too. We can use them in the news letter or on the web site.

Mark Donovan (12/20/2003)
Email: mark@bnbmusic.com
Your Rank: FC1 (SW)
Years Served: '86-'90
The lost anchor. I remember that we had to anchor out in La Madelena, Italy just before going to Toulon (we were tied up outboard of the sub tender Orion, but we had to move for some reason). I believe the anchor got fouled in a buoy, so we had to cut it loose.
Ronald Gesford (12/20/2003)
Email: rrgesford@yahoomail.com
Your Rank: E-6 SH1(SW) Retired
Years Served: 1986-1989
I met up with the King while she was in TOULON, France. She was there waiting to get her anchor back, does anyone remember that. She got here anchol stuck and had to have it retreived.
Ronald Gesford (12/20/2003)
Email: rrgesford@yahoomail.com
Your Rank: E-6 SH1(SW) Retired
Years Served: 1986-1989
I want to wish each and everyone of you the Happiest of Holidays. And may god Bless.
Ronald Gesford (12/20/2003)
Email: rrgesford@yahoomail.com
Your Rank: E-6 SH1(SW) Retired
Years Served: 1986-1989
Looking foreward to chatting with old shipmates. Anyone remember the ship store operator.
Ronald Gesford (12/19/2003)
Email: rrgesford@yahoomail.com
Your Rank: E-5 SH2
Years Served: 1986-1989
She was a good ship. The crew was one big family.
Robert H. Saxby (12/19/2003)
Email: rsaxby@aggies,org
Your Rank: MCPO - FTCM
Years Served: Pre-Comm 1960 - 1963 (PlankOwner)
I hold many fond memories of the KING and the years in which I served.
Robert Saxby (12/19/2003)
Email: rsaxby@aggies,org
Your Rank: MCPO - FTCM
Years Served: Pre-Comm 1960 - 1963 (PlankOwner)
I hold many fond memories of the KING and the years in which I served.
Richard L. Crockett (12/16/2003)
Email: rlandbjc@yahoo.com
Your Rank: Ens/LTjg
Years Served: Precom 1960-1962
Signing in to wish all the KINGS-MEN and theirs a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY and PROSPORUS NEW YEAR.
Sean Sweeney (12/16/2003)
Email: sean.sweeney@navy.mil
Your Rank: ITCS - RMSR-RM2 onboard USS King
Years Served: 88-Decomm
Always love to come back and remember where this wonderful career started. Unfortunately I have yet to see post from any of the Radiomen from my era onboard. Many memories and great times. Hopefully I will find the time to attend a King reunion. Currently the CNO's Communicator, If you are in the DC area drop me a line....Has anyone heard from; Ens Moran, RMCS Magana, RM1 Millet, RM1 Collins, RM3 White, OS2 Talbot, OS3 Stanford, SM3 Austin Martin???
George Estock (12/13/2003)
Email: gfestock@aol.com
Your Rank: LTJG (LCDR, Ret)
Years Served: 1960-1963
Assigned pre-commissioning detail in Brremerton. Was ships first CIC Officer. Fleeted up to Operations Officer. Best ship, best captain (Bustard), and best CIC crew I ever served with. Looking forward to seeing you all in New Orleans in June.
James R. Oliver (11/25/2003)
Email: rtoliver@att.net
Your Rank: EN-3 / ENCS(SW) Retired
Years Served: 1976 - 1979
Greetings and its was great to find out about this website. More to follow later.
Wendell R. Dickey (11/25/2003)
Email: Wedos@msn.com
Your Rank: Electrician's Mate 2nd Class
Years Served: April 1963 to August 11th 1966
Spent many days in the Tonkin Gulf and many night in Subic Bay. Looking for old members of the ER Division.
John L. Thompson (11/25/2003)
Email: jlthompson@joink.com
Your Rank: BM2
Years Served: 1970 -1972
I did two Westpac tours on the King. It was one of the greatest and unforgetable experiences in my life. There are a couple of shipmates I have wanted to speak with for years but have not been able to find. Seaman J.P. Harris, who was from the L.A. California area, and QM2 Ken Stewart from either Oregon or Washington. Any information that could be passed along would be greatly appreciated.
Don Desup DeTemple (11/25/2003)
Email: graterf@earthlink.net
Your Rank: Boiler Tech 2
Years Served: 1970-1973
The three years I served on King were experiences that are etched in my mind. They'll never, again, be duplicated.
Bill Lawrence (11/22/2003)
Email: brhinjasper@copper.net
Your Rank: RM2
Years Served: 1980-1982
Thanks for this web site. I am glad to finally get in touch with shipmates for the "King Of The Fleet"
James E. DeLuca (11/20/2003)
Email: howling@voyager.net
Your Rank: BMSN
Years Served: 1983 - 1985
Looking for old shipmates. Also was wondering if any one knows of Bob Cockrill, he also served on the King(60' or 70's).
carl j gemmati jr (11/14/2003)
Email: gemm101049@yahoo.com
Your Rank: e3
Years Served: oct. 1969
I served on the USS KING for only about 3 weeks.I got sent home on medicial emergency and never returned.
DON EDWARDS (11/13/2003)
Years Served: 1960-1962
R Lee Chase Sr (11/12/2003)
Email: chasesr8@aol.com
Your Rank: BT3
Years Served: 1965-1969
Just checking in again. Plan on making the Reunion in New Orleans and hope to old buddies and new
B. Cliff Reid (11/12/2003)
Email: bcliffreid@aol.com
Your Rank: BT3
Years Served: 1966
After serving on the Chandler(DD717)and
the Midway CVA-41,I came aboard the King
in May of 66,just in time to head for Westpac. I worked in after fireroom and stayed for the cruise.Discharged upon arrival.In 1972 or 73 I was allowed on the King when she docked at Port Everglades Florida. It was good to visit but I was disappointed to see how She had been treated.
I also heard that there was a boiler explosion in after fireroom in January 1967. If this is true,does anyone know if there was casualties,and if so,who they were. When I went aboard at Port Everglades,they had no information for that accident.
Mike Corbin (12/12/2003)
Email: HD_RKing03@yahoo.com
Your Rank: PN2
Years Served: 1987 - 1990
Looking forward to the reunion in New Orleans. The USS KING has been my foundation for what turned out to be a wonderful Navy career.
BILL FRENCH (12/11/2003)
Email: Yosam069@Hotmail.com
Your Rank: GMM3
Years Served: 1960 - 1964 (Plankowner)
Looking forward to New Orleans. Welcome back onboard Terry.
Andrew Fox (12/7/2003)
Email: tada3781@msn.com
Your Rank: EW3
Years Served: 1982-1984
Seeking the names of the EWs I served with on the King. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. I picked the ship up in Bath Maine and ended my term during the Persian Gulf Tour in 1984.
Andrew Fox (12/7/2003)
Email: tada3781@msn.com
Your Rank: EW3
Years Served: 2 years
DAVID W. WOOD (12/7/2003)
Email: rvoldsalt@aol.com
Your Rank: BT2
Years Served: 1968-1970
Greg Brazeale (12/5/2003)
Email: gbrazeale@yahoo.com
Your Rank: RM2
Years Served: 1986-1988
kelvin boyer just seen your name on here remeber me. we hung out toghter when i first got on board as a rmsn.
Greg Brazeale (12/5/2003)
Email: gbrazeale@yahoo.com198
Your Rank: RM2
Years Served: 1986-1988
al gilbertson (12/3/2003)
Email: alang1@tds.net
Your Rank: FC2
Years Served: 85-90
update e-mail
Ralph H. Blum (12/2/2003)
Email: tothetop@sfla.rr.com
Your Rank: EMC RET
Years Served: 1975 to 1979
I will be in New Orleans in June. Hope to see you there! Hey Tony, let me hear from you.
James Knodell (11/30/2003)
Email: james@pacificbanyan.com
Your Rank: OS3
Years Served: 1970 - 1972
Lots of good memories of the guys in OPS division. Willy, Smedley, Milt Sugai, Monty, Art Kaupt and all the rest. Haven't thought about a lot of our experiences in years -- but it's all coming back. Trailing that Soviet task force across the Pacific, Christmas in the Indian Ocean for the war between India & Pakistan. Weeks on a SAR station in the Gulf of Tonkin....and Subic! Those crazy nights in the Club Jolo. Then Singapore, Australia, NZ, and Pago Pago! Great memories.
milton craven (11/10/2003)
Email: usnretrm2@aol.com
Your Rank: rm2
Years Served: 1979 to 1982
just checking in to say hi---hope all is well with everyone---how about that radio shack---anyone need to call home (ship to shore) it was me patching the calls---
Hugh Bullard (11/9/2003)
Your Rank: RM3
Years Served: 1967-1968
Looking for "stinky" and "zeke" an
anyone else onboard that time
sheldon sutton (11/8/2003)
Your Rank: cs3
Years Served: 65-69
miss the good times
Ron Laughlin (11/7/2003)
Email: Rondo@rconnect.com
Your Rank: SN
Years Served: 1960 to 1963
Im writing to say I will be going to the next reuion in june. Also Does anyone how the where abouts of roger lynn and gary sullivan. Would love to get in contact them.
Ray van den Heuvel (11/5/2003)
Email: r.vandenheuvel@quarre.n;
Your Rank: matr1od ops
Years Served: 1 week
Spent a week on the ship in 1988 during Stanavforlant. Nice week but ist kind a hard spending a week without beer
john william titus (11/4/2003)
Email: dragracer@cablespeed.com
Your Rank:
Years Served: 3 years
I am signing for my father, I would like to get him on the mailing list, his address is
John William Titus
8048 B Abbey ct.
Sorry to sign here but i didn't see any where else to get him on the mailing list.He served on the ship 1967-1970. If anyone knows this 53 year old man please contact me at dragracer@cablespeed.com
thanks alot,
his daughter,
Art Paquette (11/2/2003)
Email: paquetteap@usnbgtmo.navy.mil
Your Rank: SKSA-SK2
Years Served: 1983-1986
KING was my first ship and full of experiences that I will never forgot...I still remember the first day I reported aboard, but you know, I can not remember the day I left. I'll add a couple of stories when as time permits.
Chuck White (10/30/2003)
Email: webmaster@uss-king.com
Your Rank: BT3
Years Served: Dec. 1963 - June 1967
Just testing the Guestbook and new Webhost
jerry logan (10/25/2003)
Email: jerry-logan@lycos.com
Your Rank: E-3
Years Served: 2 great years
I made two westpacs on the ole girl 1971 & 1972 . australia & new zealand included. and also viet nam sar station gunline gulf of tonkin. of all the ships I was on she was the best .
James R. Payne (10/23/2003)
Email: jrpayne@dcdi.net
Your Rank: RD3
Years Served: Feb. 1964 to Dec 15, 1965
I remember that the deployment April 1965 to November 1965 we spent most of that deployment in the Tonkin Gulf. We picked up some downed pilots. The most memorable thing that I remmber well was when we went to general quarters for an unidentified aircraft was coming straight in on us. It finally identified itself as an air liner off course. It nearly got a missile up its tail.
John W. Thiel (10/23/2003)
Email: nmsalt@hotmail.com
Your Rank: FTM2
Years Served: 1963
Best ship I served in and the most enjoyable. I have many great memories of my short time aboard. I was a recent graduate of SPG-55 Radar school when I reported aboard. FTMC Davis sent me to the Mk 63 GFCS to get the two systems working and then I was assigned to the 55 Radar. LT. Charlie Brown was my DivO/FCO and LT. Fred Foy was the Missile Officer. Great people/great ship!
John W. Thiel CWO4, USN, Retired
WILLIAM O. PARKS (10/22/2003)
Email: arp@pcez.com
Your Rank: EM-2
Years Served: 1962-1963
R. L. CROCKETT (10/22/2003)
Email: rlandbjc@yahoo.com
Your Rank: LTjg
Years Served: precom 1960-1962
Checking the guestbook.
Randal McFarlane (10/22/2003)
Email: pasadena@powerup.com.au
Your Rank: Flying Officer [Lt Jg] Royal Australian Air Force
Years Served: 1972
I spent a most memorable couple of weeks attached to the USS King in 1972. I guess I'm the only Australian Air Force officer ever to have served time on her. I donated a couple of photographs of our aircraft to the ward room. I still have a certificate presented to me by Ricard Tarbuck who was the Captain at the time.

Best wishes to all.
Joe Separk (10/21/2003)
Email: jgsjose@aol.com
Your Rank: BT3
Years Served: 1961-1965
checking in with everyone. looking forward to next Reunion in New Orleans! hope we have a huge turn out with all the years involved and with all the divisions that served our great ship! I plan on being in New Orleans next June so if you're going too, I'll see y'all there.
Bennie Gloria (10/21/2003)
Email: gloriab@phibgru2.spear.navy.mil
Your Rank: ITCM(SW/AW)
Years Served: 1977-1981
We had the best damn "Radio Shack" in the fleet. Without question my best duty station !
James Bilbo (10/21/2003)
Email: jbilbeaux@Earthlink.net
Your Rank: RD3
Years Served: Pre com. thru 1963
Just checking in.. Enjoyed the 2nd reunion and planning to attend the next one in New Orleans.
Chuck White (10/15/2003)
Email: webmaster@uss-king.com
Your Rank: BT3
Years Served: Dec. 1963 to July 1967
Attention all, we will be changing website hosts in the next few days. We will do everything we can to make sure no messages get lost in the transition. Access will still go to www.uss-king.com.

milton craven (10/12/2003)
Email: usnretrm2@aol.co,
Your Rank: rm2
Years Served: 1979 to 1982
hi guys
just checking in on the website and it great----hope everyone is having a great time---
Ronald G. Raum (10/11/2003)
Email: rraum@att.net
Your Rank: radarman 3rd. class
Years Served: 1963-1966
I had a lot of fun and had some very good shipmates.
Mike Luppino (10/8/2003)
Email: mikel@silverlink.net
Your Rank: BT2
Years Served: 9 May 60 - 15 June 63
Just checking in again.
Gary Wommack (10/4/2003)
Email: basmastr589@aol.com
Your Rank: ENC Retired
Years Served: 79-82
Anyone seen Mike Green or know of his whereabouts? He was an A Ganger from 80-84 approx.
Email: youngfamily84@juno.com
Your Rank: RM3
Years Served: 1983-1988
Great ship, Great Times, hello to all the Radioman.
norm nelson (9/20/2003)
Email: nmn@usfamily.net
Your Rank: cs3
Years Served: 1960-64

updating my email address, would like to hear from other plankowners!
Richard Crockett (9/17/2003)
Email: rlandbjc@yahoo.com
Your Rank: LT
Years Served: 1960-1962
Signing in and checking the guestbook.
Planning on New Orleans in June 2004.
Kelvin Boyer (9/12/2003)
Email: boyerboyertp@aol.com
Your Rank: RM2
Years Served: 1985-1987
I have enjoyed viewing this site. I'm happy to know "The King Of The Fleet" lives on.
Freddie A. Ray (9/11/2003)
Email: fray@hot.rr.com
Your Rank: RMCS (E-8)
Years Served: May 1967-Sept 1969
This is an Awsome website. It is obvious some work has gone into it. Congratulations to the WebMaster. It is very informative and you can spend a good deal of time enjoyable browsing.
Keep Up The Good Works. I will return often.
James C. Carter (9/1/2003)
Email: jimandlisa_1@msn.com
Your Rank: STG2
Years Served: 1986-1989
It saddens me that the King is no longer in existence. Alot of great memories remain.
TOM PERRY (8/29/2003)
Email: WWW.PBarbara865@aol.com
Your Rank: SK3
Years Served: 1978 - 1980
Tim Olson (8/27/2003)
Email: hobietim@yahoo.com
Your Rank: RM3
Years Served: 1970-71
Any RM's from this period around??
William F Kleimenhagen (8/25/2003)
Email: compleatangler@onebox.com
Your Rank: Combat Rescue Aircrewman HC-7
Years Served: 1968
Best regards and good luck to all who served aboard the USS KING.
phillip lane (8/24/2003)
Your Rank: sk3
Years Served: 1965-69
fond memories of lt. hooker, always humane and kind to me.
Bernard James (Jim) Heggem (8/22/2003)
Email: bjheggem@msn.com
Your Rank: SN
Years Served: 1960-1964
Updating my e-mail address
Carl Schweisthal (8/21/2003)
Email: leftycarlike@worldnet.att.net
Your Rank: IC 3
Years Served: 1966-1968
I'll never forget my intiation to be a shell back after crossing the equator and steaming for Brisbane, Australia
Hey Irv, do you remember Magnetic Island.Remember Hymie?
Brian Habas (8/21/2003)
Email: br3p1@hotmail.com
Your Rank: BM3
Years Served: 1984 -1988
Libya -nato
Bob Deuel (8/20/2003)
Email: mtnhiker63@yahoo.com
Your Rank: BT2
Years Served: 82-86
forward fireroom and a lifetime ago, or so it seems.
Chuck White (8/20/2003)
Email: webmaster@uss-king.com
Your Rank: BT3
Years Served: 1963 to 1967
the Website was down August 19, 2003. All pages were restored except any messages on the Guestbook and Message Board after July 19, 2003. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Greg Hertzog (7/20/2003)
Email: ghertzog@icontech.com
Your Rank: DS3 - DS1
Years Served: 1979-1983
I'm looking forward to the reunion in Norfolk, and catching up with old friends.
milton g craven iii (7/19/2003)
Email: usnretrm2@aol.com
Your Rank: rm2/ oc div
Years Served: 1979 to 1982
just a few ports to remember from unitax xxi 1980---roosevelt roads puerto rico, montserrat, british west indies, st croix, virgin island, puerto la cruz, venezuela, panama canal transit, rodman panama, manta ecuador, paita peru, callao peru (lima!!), cartegena columbia, port of spain, trinidad and tobago, forteleza brazil, rio de janiero brazil, puerto belgrano argentina, montivedeo uraguay, salvador brazil, recife brazil, forteleza brazil, willemstad netherlands, antilles, and 4 times crossing the equator (shell back) great time
Flaharty,Tim A (7/11/2003)
Email: ffnutinpa@aol.com
Your Rank: MM3
Years Served: 88-89
Visited a lot of great places on that boat
Flaharty,Tim A (7/11/2003)
Email: 88-89
Your Rank: MM3
Years Served:
Visited a lot of great places on that boat
Ron Laughlin (7/1/2003)
Email: rondo@rconnect.com
Your Rank: SN
Years Served: 1960 to 1963
I wish I could go to the reuion this year but family comes first. Someone let me know how it turned out and I only hope there will be one next year. to all the kings men keep sailing
Tom Nash (6/30/2003)
Email: smasher45@aol.com
Your Rank: EWC(SW)RET.
Years Served: 1979 to 1982
Just found this site. King was my first of nine ships, and definitely my favorite. The 1980 UNITAS cruise was awesome.
Richard L. Crockett (6/29/2003)
Email: rich-bonniec.com
Your Rank: LT
Years Served: Precom 1960-1962
Just checking in. Saying hello to all who check the guestbook. Looking forward to Norfolk. Smooth sailing and following seas.
Charlie Taliaferro (6/29/2003)
Email: chast@kitchentablegang.org
Your Rank:
Years Served:
We are not trying to sell you anything. This is simply an
invitation for U. S. Navy veterans and friends to visit us at:



Charlie Taliaferro
Dave Nesbitt (6/28/2003)
Email: nesb7870@bellsouth.net
Your Rank: STGC
Years Served: 1960-62, 1965-67
Just letting you all know my new email address.
Dave Nesbitt (6/28/2003)
Email: nesbb7870@bellsouth.net
Your Rank: STGC
Years Served: 1960-62, 1965-67
Just letting you all know my new email address.
Jonathan C. Felt (6/26/2003)
Email: jfelt@nhfelt.org
Your Rank: civilian
Years Served:
Commander Scull is my third cousin, and we (the family) are very proud of him.
John Mohr (6/25/2003)
Email: jhmohr@aol.com
Your Rank: BT3
Years Served: 1969-1971
I came on board after the fire, I have already talked to some of friends I made but would like to find more
Ralph H Blum (6/24/2003)
Email: tothetop@acninc.net
Your Rank: EMC
Years Served: 1976-1979
I recommissioning crew in 1976 in New Orleans La. We recommissioned on
17 September1977
Ralph H Blum (6/22/2003)
Email: tothetop@acninc.net
Your Rank: EMC---E7
Years Served: 1976-1979
I retired from the USS King DLG-40 in
1979. Apparently this is not the ship you are talking about. I find it very difficult to think that you have a
DLG-10 & a DDG-41 as well. Please let me know if I am Wrong.....
Bruce Carlsen (6/21/2003)
Email: bcarlsen@charter.net
Your Rank: QM3
Years Served: 68-71
New e-mail
Joe Separk (6/18/2003)
Email: jgsjose@aol.com
Your Rank: BT3
Years Served: 1961-1965
signing in once again and letting all know I will be in Norfolk for the 2nd Reunion. It's exciting as the days are drawing near and I'm looking forward to seeing and meeting people I know and don't know! The "King" was the best and the people who served her were "Tops"!
Richard L. Crockett (6/17/2003)
Email: rich-bonniec@attbi.com
Your Rank: Ens. and Ltjg while on board
Years Served: Precom 60-61
Correcting my e-mail address. Left out the - Will be in Norfolk. See you all then.
milton craven (6/17/2003)
Email: usnretrm2@aol.com
Your Rank: rm2
Years Served: 1979 to jul 1982
just checking in--hope all is well with everyone---web site looks good

Dan (Harry)Harris (6/15/2003)
Email: drhklh1190@aol.com
Your Rank: BTCS(Ret), BT1 on King
Years Served: 1982-1986
Just updating my e-mail address, I plan on attending the reunion in Norfolk.
Daniel Amoroso (6/13/2003)
Email: Damoroso@Avantdata.com
Your Rank: GMM2
Years Served: 1983-1985
Was it really 20 years ago?
Bruce Carlsen (6/13/2003)
Email: down
Your Rank: QM3
Years Served: '68-'71
E-mail down at home will advise.
Michael L. Schlemmer (6/11/2003)
Email: mikeschlemmer@yahoo.com
Your Rank: E-4
Years Served: 86-88
worked in B-Division, prsently working for the Army steaming Boilers.......
Michael L. Schlemmer (6/11/2003)
Email: mikeschlemmer@yahoo.com
Your Rank: E-4
Years Served: 86-88
worked in B-Division
Gil Jones (6/9/2003)
Your Rank: GMM2
Years Served: DEC83 TO MAR 86
Al Stello (6/8/2003)
Your Rank: FTC
Years Served: 1966-1968
I'll miss RADM Tesh, condolences to the Tesh Family. As my 1st "Skipper", he led me in the right direction. He also knew my father Al Sr. when we lived in Long Beach, CA - Fair Winds - ...
Richard L. Crockett (6/4/2003)
Email: richbonniec@attbi.com
Your Rank: LTjg
Years Served: two precom 1960-1962
been without e-mail for a while and now back on. planning opn Norfolk
Mailing address: 282N 1120 E
Orem, Ut 84097
Richard L. Crockett (6/4/2003)
Email: richbonniec@attbi.com
Your Rank: LTjg
Years Served: two
been without e-mail for a while and now back on. planning opn Norfolk
Mailing address: 282N 1120 E
Orem, Ut 84097
John D Caffrey (6/4/2003)
Email: JDC91761@aol.com
Your Rank: PC 2
Years Served: Dec 66 to Oct 68
I am looking for Brad Anderson GMM who served during the years I was aboard. Also would recommend attending the reunion in Norfolk this year, if it is as much fun as San Diege it will be well worth attending. I would enjoy hearing from anyone aboard while I was there
Rich Dickhart (6/1/2003)
Email: dickybigrig@hotmail.com
Your Rank: GMG 3
Years Served: 1965-1966-1967
Just wondering if any shipmates from the 65-66 cruises are going to the reunion?
Harry Pate (6/1/2003)
Email: hpate@adelphia.net
Your Rank: SO1
Years Served: 1960-1962
Just wanted to update my Email address
David C Van Benthuysen (5/31/2003)
Email: maintanceman40@yahoo.com
Your Rank: BT2(SW)
Years Served: 1987-1990
Hope all ship mates are doing well..
Liptak, Charles Kevin (5/28/2003)
Email: Charleskliptak@aol.com
Your Rank: GMM SN
Years Served: 09/ 81 - 01/83
Missile House, after mess crank'n I spent a little time in MT-51 waiting for my clearance. Was part of crew till "Big Investigation" and issuing processed discharges while in shipyard in Bath, ME.
Don Davis (5/28/2003)
Email: extragrand@sbcglobal.net
Your Rank: Deck seaman
Years Served: 89-91
The King was the first ship that I served on, and by far the most memorable. I had some great friends onboard there. If anyone from that time wants to get in touch with me, drop me a line. I was part of the decomm crew.
William C. Hodges (5/27/2003)
Email: wch1956@earthlink.net
Your Rank: SK1(SW)
Years Served: 1985 - 1989
In search of:
During my time onboard we received the Navy Exp. Medal. I have a need for the dates. I know it was from the Lybia evolution, I just don't have the dates.
Can anyone give a hand?

WCH, SK1(SW)Ret.
Bron Hollingshead (5/26/2003)
Email: brononmaui1@aol.com
Your Rank: MR-3
Years Served: '82-'83
Aloha from the island of Maui. It'd be nice to hear from anyone I served with in R div. Plus I always wondered..does anyone know if Capt. John Scott Redd ever made Admiral? I hope so. He was a good man and a great commanding officer.
jim hooper jr (5/23/2003)
Email: jimnoel89@prodigy.net
Your Rank: mmfr/fa
Years Served: 1990-decom
serving in operation noble eagle with the national guard and wont be able to attend reunion.it was a blast during the last cruise.
Kevin Shafer (5/19/2003)
Email: k.w.shafer@worldnet.att.net
Your Rank: HT3, HTCS(SW) USN (RET)
Years Served: 70 tru 73
Just letting everyone know I won't be able to make the reunion this year in NORFOLK. It would still be nice to hear from some of you occasionaly.
Philip E. Elting (5/19/2003)
Email: kinsaler@msn.com
Your Rank: E-3, DS
Years Served: 1968 - 1970
Fond memories serving on DLG-10 under Capt. Jackson. Also had the greatest pleasure encountering Ret. Admiral Jackson on several occasions around Washington DC. He presented me one of the Wardroom Photos of the ship entering Pearl Harbor.
Don Gischler (5/18/2003)
Email: jdgish@earthlink.net
Your Rank: RD3
Years Served: Jan.1963-may 1966
Had some good times on the King. Seen places that will never see again. Going through the guestbook, I only seen one name I remember.(Bob Acosta)
Rick Bartholomew (5/16/2003)
Email: rbartholomewm@aol.com
Your Rank: quartermaster 2nd class
Years Served: 4yrs
this is so cool. i have always wanted to see my ship and be reminded of the love for her.. no ship could compare to her. thanks for letting me see her in her glory days.. i have cruise books and pics that i always look through to remember the FIGHTIN 41
Erwin Fahrni (5/14/2003)
Email: eandrfahrni@netpenny.net
Your Rank: FA - BT2
Years Served: 1970-1973
Shock and awe at the memories that come flooding back about the times on board and the times we were living through. Hope to hear alot of old names and see a lot of new faces. "NORFOLK"
Clarence W. (Bill) DeHoney (5/10/2003)
Email: bdehoney@aol.com
Your Rank: IC1
Years Served: 1967-1969
Scrolling through the guest book entrys sure brought back a lot of memories. The fire in #2 fire room...The kangaroo...The trip to Korea...The Rum Punch drinks at the American Hotel in Pago Pago among others. Anyone ever hear from EM1 Larry Taylor?
Will Martin (5/9/2003)
Email: will.martin01@cox.net
Your Rank: FC1(SW)
Years Served: 1986 through 1989
Just updating email address.
John Williams OS1 SW (RET)Willy (5/8/2003)
Email: thunder@ideaone.net
Your Rank: OS2
Years Served: 1977-1979
I was part of the OI gang when King was recommisioned in Norfolk.
I would like to here from any of the OI or Ops gang that where onboard then.
We worked hard and partied harder.
Jim Steil Mike Harmon Jim Hanley if you read this email me. I am going to try make the reunion but work might have other ideas.
Great to see a page built for such a great fighter as the King was.
Robert Acosta (5/8/2003)
Email: bobacosta@cyberhotline.com
Your Rank: RD3
Years Served: 1960-1964
New e-mail address.
The Devore Brothers (5/7/2003)
Email: bowzonly@adelphia.net
Your Rank: MM-BT
Years Served: 1979-1983
Just stopped in to see what condition my condition was in.
John Williams (5/7/2003)
Email: thunder@ideaone.net
Your Rank: OS2
Years Served: 18 months
I am the 2nd class in the picture gallery just above the picture with the Marine in it standing by myself
Anthony "Marty" Martin (5/1/2003)
Email: tbird432003@webtv.net
Your Rank: BT3
Years Served: 1976 to 1981
Looking for shipmates from the past.
Your Rank: BT3
Years Served: 1979-80
Michael "MJ" Baus (4/24/2003)
Email: mjbaus@aol.com
Your Rank: DK2
Years Served: 1984-1989
Great web site! Will not be attending the reunion in Norfolk this year due to Operational commitment of my reserve Fleet Hospital unit on the west coast and pending mobilization.
Will Martin (4/20/2003)
Email: w_martin@coastalnet.com
Your Rank: FC1(SW)
Years Served: 1986 - 1989
48 Radar tech, voted most likely conning officer to be thrown off of the bridge!
Kevin Whitney (4/19/2003)
Email: whitneys@mdvl.net
Your Rank: SM2(SW)
Years Served: 86-90
Two STANAVFORLANTs and too many trips down south to count and the bump with the USS Charleston.
Email: EDDIE32866@JUNO.COM
Your Rank: TM-3
Paul "Schaef" Schaefer (4/16/2003)
Email: sherpa@cox-internet.com
Your Rank: STG2
Years Served: 1988-1990
Two STANAVFORLANTs, a hundred runs to St.Thomas/Cuba/PR...King was one hard steaming tin can! She deserved a better fate than being sold for scrap.
Pete Olson (4/15/2003)
Email: olsonpj1@aol.com
Your Rank: CDR
Years Served: 1980-83
Hello Shipmates!
Frank Templeton (4/14/2003)
Email: ftemp@military.com
Your Rank: BT1
Years Served: 1983-1984
Great site. Would love to contact my old LPO, BT1 Butch Hummer. Please notify me if you have any contact info.
Eric Giesy (4/12/2003)
Email: egiesy@yahoo.com
Your Rank: MM3
Years Served: 1964-1966
I served in the forward engine room on two cruises,great crew, and would like to hear from you.
Scott Carter (4/5/2003)
Email: swic68@ptdprolog.net
Your Rank: EM3
Years Served: 1987-1990
Just checking in with new E mail address.
milton craven (4/5/2003)
Email: usnretrm2@aol.com
Your Rank: rm2/e-5
Years Served: 1979 to 1982
come on guys someone out their has to remember what was on the med cruise t-shirt from 1981 ---- yes i still have my shirt but it's a little small--remember our care packages from home--well our troops need some supplies check out the web site www.operationshoebox.com and click on itemlist----REMEMBER WHEN E-MAILING TO ME PUT USS KING OR KING OF THE FLEET IN THE SUBJECT LINE----
Mike Landrum (4/3/2003)
Email: mlangigi@earthlink.net
Your Rank: EN2
Years Served: Late 1987 to Deconmission
Look forward to the reunion in July and hearing from fellow shipmates.
Jonathan Kammen, 1st USS King President (4/3/2003)
Email: jkammen@earthlink.net
Your Rank: GMG3 Retired
Years Served: 1968-1972 WA Div Asroc
All shipmates DLG-10/DDG-41 Please contact me. I am trying to correct my service record it says injured and retired from 1969 King fire. Omitted from records Viet Nam Talkin Gulf. I need statments to help me correct my record to say where we were at when the fire happened. Contact me if you think you can help. I have two letters from shipmates but bupers says the more letters the better to help me.
If your in my area my home is always open to you and your family.
430 Roundtree Drive, Fayetteville, NC 28303. Phone & Fax (910) 826-3686
Glenn R.(bob) Hawbaker (4/1/2003)
Email: tbmc004@yahoo.com
Your Rank: DS3
Years Served: June 1990- April 1991
I enjoyed my time onboard, looking forward to seeing some old friends soon.
Heath Ryan Wendt (3/31/2003)
Email: TEXASMANIAC9@Hotmail.com
Your Rank: Operations Specilist 2nd Class
Years Served: 1986-1990
I'm so glad to see the "THE KING OF THE FLEET" still alive! Great job on the web pages. I hope to here from some of you.
Joe Korn (3/30/2003)
Email: spk@gwi.net
Your Rank: HT2
Years Served: 1979 - 1983
A lot of good times I will remember forever. Bath,Maine and South America.
Dennis Klamfoth (3/29/2003)
Email: dlklamfoth@yahoo.com
Your Rank: GMM 2
Years Served: 1980 - 1982
Yo Ho
DAVID H. SANTOS (3/29/2003)
Your Rank: RM2
Years Served: 1983-1987
Owen Veldboom (3/28/2003)
Email: ovboom@aol.com
Your Rank: PC3
Years Served: Feb.1972 - March 1973
Sailed on 1 WestPac.
Jerry McDowell (3/25/2003)
Email: gmcdowell@insightbb.com
Your Rank: FC2 (SW)
Years Served: 87 to 90
Had a Great time. What a ship, and a great group of people.
Del Valle, A R (3/24/2003)
Email: arobertdelvalle@yahoo.com
Your Rank: LT
Years Served: 1984-1888
Dropping a line to my fellow King-Dings. I wont make the reunion this year, will be on deployment. I've been recalled to Active Duty in support of Noble Eagle/Enduring Freedom with NCW G2 DET C as Commo. If any of my old runningmates feel like shooting me an e-mail, it would be good to hear from you.
doyle h. sloan jr (3/23/2003)
Email: nutty4kayak@aol.com
Your Rank: radioman 2nd class
Years Served: 1976 to 1980
go usa go usa
Dave Taylor (3/21/2003)
Email: ht2taylor2@comcast.net
Your Rank: ht2
Years Served: 3
Hello everyone

Just found the web sight, and I plan to check it out more.
Sue Miller Marsh (3/15/2003)
Email: LadyHawke5050@yahoo.com
Your Rank:
Years Served:
My brother served on the USS King during the Viet Nam era. I was never so glad to see someone after he got out of the service. I want to tell all that is aboard to be careful and come home safely.

Robert E. Cherry (3/15/2003)
Email: fat-cat @prodigy.net
Your Rank: BT2
Years Served: Nov. 1964-Aug.1968
Sorry it has taken so long to get to this site again , but really glad to of been a part of the 2002 reunion in San Diego and hope to be able to make the 2003 in Norfolk and hope to see a lot of you guys at that time.Great to see all of you in Diego.A big thanks to you guys that have put so much time and effort into this site.
Alan gilbertson (3/14/2003)
Email: ala_gil@ msn.com
Your Rank: FC2
Years Served: September 85-March90
It would be nice to see some of the people now.
Paul M. Rick (3/14/2003)
Email: pemur@ix.netcom.com
Your Rank: LT
Years Served: 1987-1991
Let's see...Boilers, EMMO, Repairs, Guns! What a strange career path! LOL! I saw three CO's - Woodall, Moreland & Williams! I remember being the king of SNFLs, being practically homeported in St. Thomas and more than a couple Bluenose Ceremonies! Best of all I remember the friends I made!
Steve Starry (3/13/2003)
Email: sstarry@aol.com
Your Rank: BTCS (SW)
Years Served: 1985 - 1988
I hope to make it to the reunion this summer
Kenneth N. Vradenburg (3/12/2003)
Email: kvradenb@optonline.net
Your Rank: SK3
Years Served: 1+
I plan on being at the 2003 Reunion and hope to see some old faces and meet some new.
Rick Hanson (3/11/2003)
Email: rhanson@quixnet.net
Your Rank: MM3
Years Served: 1971-1973
Still living in Minnesota, but thinking of moving to AZ! Missed last year in San Diego, have to see how things come together in 2003.
Thomas R. Stephenson (3/11/2003)
Your Rank: FTG2
Years Served: Commissing to 1963
Plankowner and my 3rd ship. Was really a nice tour of duty.
Email: christopher.young@usarc-emh2.army.mil
Your Rank: P.O. 3 YOUNG (
Years Served: 1985-1988
John Rehm (3/7/2003)
Email: jrehm@jlink.net
Your Rank: ET2(SW)
Years Served: 1988 till decom
Never forget my time onboard her. Looking for anyone I served with during this time.
David Moretz (3/5/2003)
Email: swo_dog@cox.net
Your Rank: LCDR
Years Served: 1988-1991
"Phantom of the RAS Deck", "Fleet LT Lounge", Lower Flam flood, the "bump" with the USS Charleston, that leaking #2 Main Condenser (source of many days of "Reveille, reveille . . . Showers are secured until further notice.")
Michael E Kilcline (3/4/2003)
Email: mkil228@aol.com
Your Rank: EM1 (SW)
Years Served: 1981-1986
served aboard the king of the fleet for my first tour of duty,made E-5 and ESWS before moving on.great ship and a great crew!
Terry Adams (3/4/2003)
Email: taidums@earthlink.net
Your Rank: FC3(SW)
Years Served: 89-Decom
St. Martin, Amsterdam, North Atlantic in July!(what more is there to say?) Drop me a note if these sound familiar.
jim hooper jr (3/2/2003)
Email: jimnoel89@prodigy.net
Your Rank: mmfr-mmfa
Years Served: 1990-decomm
had plans on attending the reunion in norfolk this summer but something has come up that prevents me from doing so.served in a-gang till the end
Bruce Carlsen (3/1/2003)
Email: bcarlsen@snet.net
Your Rank: QM3
Years Served: '68-'71
Just an update. Hope to see many of you in Norfolk this summer.
Donald Zern (2/28/2003)
Email: HVclamdigger@aol.com
Your Rank: RD3
Years Served: 1967-1969
looking for other shipmates and fond memories of Subic Bay !!!
Jim Mader (2/27/2003)
Email: jimmader@juno.com
Your Rank: Radarman 3
Years Served: 1967-1970
Does anyone know anything about the documentary made on the King about 1968 called "King Of the Frigates"?
Ron Laughlin (2/25/2003)
Email: rondo@rconnect.com
Your Rank: E3
Years Served: Nov 1960 to May 1963
I"m a plank owner and feel very say she was broken up. The king was the fastess ship in her time bar none. Also I'm glad I was one of bustards bawl headed bastards
milton craven (2/23/2003)
Email: usnretrm2@aol.com
Your Rank: rm2
Years Served: 1979-1982
what happen to the "KING OF THE FLEET BAND"??? anyone out their??? how about it SKI..FRED...UNITAS XXI 1980...if anyone still has the 1981 med cruise book some good color pictures of the band on page 77....what about the KING'S boxing team ???
milton craven (2/23/2003)
Email: usnretrm2@aol.com
Your Rank: rm2
Years Served: 1979 to 1982
looking for anyone from the rm or sm gang....does anyone remember the t-shirts from the med cruise 1981 ??? what was the picture on the shirt ??
Jim Steil (2/23/2003)
Email: SteilDawg@msn.com or SteilJ@cotf.navy.mil
Your Rank: OSSN -OS3
Years Served: 1976-1978
I was one of the OI division Pre-Com guys on "the mighty" KING. Sadly; I havent seen one name that I recognize from the Norfolk (PNSY) Pre-Com folks. Have seen LTJG (now Retired Captain) Grey Glover, and OS2 (now retired CWO4) Mike Harmon in the last few month as well as a few others who are in the Norfolk area. From Grey, I understand that Jim Hanley (OSC) and Mike Whalen (OS1) are also in the area.
James A. Feher (2/22/2003)
Email: jaf6262@aol.com
Your Rank: Sm2
Years Served: Mar 82 - July 86
Any shipmates who new me, E-mail me.........
Ronald L Crabb (2/22/2003)
Email: roncrabb@msn.com
Your Rank: WO, CWO
Years Served: Apr 1966 - Jul 1968
I served as the NTDS Maintenance Officer
under CDR Tesh and CDR Read
Garland Marshall (2/22/2003)
Email: gancmarshall@ev1.net
Your Rank: MM 3 Forward Enginroom
Years Served: March 1966 to Sept. 1969
I had a lot of good times and some bad, but overall it was a great time in my life.I think the time I spent on board the King, made a better man out of me.Ihad better go know. Garland
Mike Shagena (2/19/2003)
Email: graciey@torchlake.com
Your Rank: RM2
Years Served: 1960-1962 Plankowner
Is there a listing available of all the shipmates that have been located. An alphabetical list showing E-mail, phone number and dates served on the King?
John A Domeier (2/19/2003)
Email: johndome@hickorytech.net
Your Rank: GMG2
Years Served: '72 - '74
Greetings to all who served King well. I would like to hear from any one on the gun crew, like Alex, R.J., Bill Helland, Tom Summers, Joe Gueterize.How about Doc. Munson. You guys were a great crew, on one hell a tour.
John A Domeier (2/19/2003)
Email: johndom@hickorytech.net
Your Rank: GMG2
Years Served: '72 - '74
Greetings to all who served King well. I would like to hear from any one on the gun crew, like Alex, R.J., Bill Helland, Tom Summers, Joe Gueterize.How about Doc. Munson. You guys were a great crew, on one hell a tour.
Phil "Nonskid" Skidmore (2/17/2003)
Your Rank: OS3
Years Served: 1970-1973
Made 3 Westpacs, like to hear from the shellbacks. Anyone know where Willy Roberts might be?
Steve Swintosky (2/7/2003)
Email: smrmswin@floodcity.net
Your Rank: RD3
Years Served: 1965 to 1967
I made some great friends during my time on the King and cherish the memories of what we accomplished. I took a few slides of the PT boat incident in 1966 and am trying to see if I can find them.
Donald A. Brown (2/7/2003)
Email: donlynai@cox.net
Your Rank: Second Lieutenant, U.S. Marine Corps
Years Served: 40 days - 1966 - from and to Subic
Was TAD to the King 40 days from
NAVCOMMSTAPHIL during the PT boat
incident of 1966.
Tom Oberhausen (2/6/2003)
Email: tobtko@cox.net
Your Rank: STGC
Years Served: 1989-1991
Looking for any ST's, GMT's or TM's from 1989-1991.
David Miteff (2/4/2003)
Email: demiteff@msn.com
Your Rank: BT 2
Years Served: 1976 waiting for it to arrive -- 1977 before it sailed
Seeing if any Oil Lab boys are out there
DAVID W. WOOD (2/2/2003)
Email: oldsalt1@gulftel.com
Your Rank: BT2
Years Served: 1968-1970
David "Bruiser" Broussard (2/2/2003)
Email: Keywest62@aol.com
Your Rank: FC2SW
Years Served: 85 - 90
Reunion in Norfolk...Scott Kurbyun, Lou Ragnys and myself are planning on being there. Light a fire under your ass,let's all try and be there. E-mail me if you served with us.
Alfred Ramirez (RAM) (1/29/2003)
Email: rm1ramirez@aol
Your Rank: SM1
Years Served: 68-71
Sorry had a bad day... Correction on e-mail address
Still would like to hear from shipmates
Steve Palmore (1/28/2003)
Email: spalmore@cox.net
Your Rank: FTMC (RET)
Years Served: 1963 -1968
First and best of the ships I served on. The sleekest looking of any class, then and now.
Raymond Adkins (1/28/2003)
Email: clipperadkins@aol.com
Your Rank: SH3
Years Served: 77-80
Like to see you at the reuion.
Alfred Ramirez (RAM) (1/28/2003)
Email: rmramirez@aol.com
Your Rank: SM1
Years Served: 68-71
Will try to make Norfork in July. Would be good to meet up again with a great bunch of guys.
Joel W. Shepherd (1/24/2003)
Email: epoxyflies@yahoo.com
Your Rank: GSMC(SW) was MM3(SW) on KING
Years Served: 1987-1990
Alot of me is still on board her wherever she is. I will always cherrish my experiences in King.
George Estock (1/20/2003)
Email: gfestock@aol.com
Your Rank: LCDR--- LTJG and Lt while on King
Years Served: 1960-1963
Just checking in with a new E-mail address. I was a Plank Owner and the first CIC Officer. Plan to be in Norfolk for this years reunion
Harvey P. Williams (1/20/2003)
Email: vawms@livenet.net
Your Rank: OSCS
Years Served: 1979-1984
Good crew, lots of hard work, lots of fun.
Don Stern (1/20/2003)
Email: stern@paulbunyan.net
Your Rank: STGCS
Years Served: 1980 -1983
My e-mail address has changed since the last time I visited.Looking to hear from anyone on the King from 1980 to 1983
Chuck Collins (1/16/2003)
Email: ccolli@excite,com
Your Rank: BT 2
Years Served: 1977, 1980
Some lasting memories, Made frinds , lost frinds . Oh the storms we rode .Can you remember , the storm , off the N. E. COAST that early February, morning ? Oh what a storm !
Nick Post (1/16/2003)
Email: npost1649@aol.com
Your Rank: mm-2
Years Served: 78-81
I'll try this again. Who's going to norfolk in June.Lot's of friends I'd love to see.
Gary E Johnson (1/15/2003)
Email: gary.e.johnson@honeywell.com
Your Rank: ETR-3
Years Served: 72-74
I have received word from Terry Winters, SK2 that one of our shipmates Dave Fowler ETN3, also known as "SUMO" passed away Sept 2,2002. Dave will be remember for being a soft spoken sailor with a big heart and smile, he loved to go to sea and that thought WestPac liberty was invented for himself. Sail on.
Aaron Hutchinson (1/13/2003)
Email: leapfrog85@aol.com
Your Rank: BT2
Years Served: 86-89
Making cereal in Battle Creek MI.
Garland Marshall (1/11/2003)
Email: gandcmarshall@ev1.net
Your Rank: MM3
Years Served: March 1966 to Sept. 1969
JUST CHECKING IN , AND LOOKING FOR FRIENDS I HAD BACK THEN.I hope to be at the reunion this year. Garland
Steve Cuddihy (1/10/2003)
Email: Scuddihy3758@attbi.com
Your Rank: BT 3
Years Served: 1969-1973
Just checking in. Hope to see everyone at the reunion.
R Lee Chase Sr (1/6/2003)
Email: leechasesr@cs.com
Your Rank: BT3
Years Served: 1965 - 1969
Sighning on again for '03. Made the Reunion in '02 in San Diegio and reaaly enjoyed it. Seen 'OL BUDDIE'S and met NEW ONE'S. Jean & I won't be able to make this year. In the process of a new OWNER where I work and don't know how my time off will be! Everybody have a GOOD YEAR
David Beckley (1/6/2003)
Email: db95jb@bright.net
Your Rank: BM2
Years Served: 79-82
How About those Ohio State Buckeyes great way to start the new year. Looking forward to the next reunion this summer it's good to be the King
Tom McKenny (1/5/2003)
Email: Mcknystolo@aol.com
Your Rank: SO2
Years Served: From July 1960 to Feb. 1962
Just resigning the log for `03 and wishing all the KINGSMEN a happy and prosperous New Year. Hope to see you all in NORFOLK in July.
Robert Jaskiewicz (1/3/2003)
Email: jaskie9@comcast.net
Your Rank: FN E3
Years Served: 1971 1972
Worked in foward and after deisel with Ray Jones Rich Freudenthal Had alot of good times
Mike Hutton (1/3/2003)
Email: mykld1@attbi.com
Your Rank: MM3
Years Served: 1972-1973
Would like to hear from shipmates
Joe Separk (1/2/2003)
Email: buddiejoey@msn.com
Your Rank: BT3
Years Served: 1961-1965
To all my best for the New Year 2003! Starting out again with a new guestbook deserves my attention to its signing. This lets you know I've been here before!

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